Monday, November 19, 2007

Fashion: Not Exactly a Mexican Sandal.

This past Saturday morning I rushed to Concepts Cambridge to get these beautiful pair of kicks. Featured recently on the cover of "sneaker freaker", these are actually better looking in person. If you live in the Boston area, head over to Concepts (The Tannery) in Cambridge and satisfy your sneaker fetish. You know you want them.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music: Holy Ghosts Batman!!!

Not to be confused with the Christian one (although yes...they are that good), Holy Ghost is the new "It" artist on the DFA roster. DFA is on fire lately! Whatever way they are going, I'm totally down with it. Holy Ghost surprises us with a dance-rock gem with one dirty, dirty bassline and keyboards to lick your fingers like it was KFC. Serious contender for 12" record and "hipster anthem" of the year. Expect for NYC to take back the championship belt from Paris in 2008.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On (DFA Records, 2007) Download Here! Buy it Here!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Sometimes it's alright to have a little fun getting down with them hooters girls, but this dude ain't no Playa. He Just a Hata!!!

Female Body Inspectors (FBI)like police academy except better!!
Spokesperson for: "Alliance for Handcuffs in Bed".

Music: Diana Ross...Queen of Disco and MOB

In my mind Donna Summer will always be the one with the jams, but there's no denial Lady Diana will always be the "Most Official Bitch". Mug shots and crack/cocaine apart, the lady is perhaps one of the greatest female entertainers who did not need a boob job to catch my eye. Girl really turns me "upside down". Check her in this video with the man who loves children more than Jesus or the teletubbies do.