Friday, May 30, 2008

Politics: Barack Obama quiere tu Voto! (update)

Just to show Obama has the support of many high profile Latino enterntainers...even from the one's that don't speak a lick of Spanish (like Jessica Alba). Yo... Still waiting for the Reggaeton Artists for Obama song! In the mean time enjoy FMB's "Vote for Obama"...cause presidential primaries never shook it so good!

Fire Magic Blood - Vote Obama

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Politics: Barack Obama quiere tu Voto!

If you live in Puerto Rico, you've probably already seen this ad. Barack, you know we love you man but seriously, you should have taken some Spanish lessons from Teddy Kennedy when you had the chance. As we wait for him to get the nomination, let's hope he polishes his Spanish... cause rumor has it Juan Mcain basically learned Spanish from the conquistadors.(oh snap!)

This is why Teddy Kennedy is da man. Get well soon...Massachusetts needs you!

Music: Cut Copy (...Paste, Delete)

Recently we posted about Cut Copy's "Hearts on Fire" and kept complaining about how the remixes for this track were not as good as the original...That said, my opinion hasn't changed much. The Calvin Harris remix might have been acceptable in the 80's, but not so much right now. Although he took that really cool "House" part and went with it, he didn't go quite as far as it needed...Patience though, someone else will (i hope). The real treat I found however was Joakim's Cosmic Remix. More DFA than Modular, this remix might not be a breath of fresh air but just goes to prove that the formula for 12" remixes sometimes does work well anyways. Enjoy the tracks though...I'm sure the remixes will keep pouring for a couple more months.

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shop: Sneaker Dillema!!!

For all sneaker aficionados May 31st is gonna be a Big Day in Boston. As both Concepts (Cambridge) and Bodega plan to release their limited edition sneakers on this day, collectors might be finding themselves camping out for their precious shoes even days in advance. Trust me, you better get there early because this is gonna be an event to remember.
Concepts collaborative Nike SB “Lobster” Dunk is inspired by the seafood heritage of New England and will be available in a limited edition set available ONLY and exclusively at Concepts. The first 200 pairs include a limited packaging equipped with a lobster claw rubber band, a tee shirt, a condiment box (which includes lobster shell cracker, fork, bib, an extra set of laces, and wet nap) and a poster. The items will be all put into a traditional paper bag as used by typical lobster shops. Not only will the packaging and bag be branded with the “Concepts Fishing Company” graphic, but the release at Concepts will also be catered by Legal Seafoods, who will be serving tasty seafood appetizers. The release will be followed by a raffle for some additional exclusive goodies. Although the special pack will be extremely limited to 200 pairs, the first 50 pairs will come in a special limited edition wooden box. In any case, Seafood never looked so good before.

The "Lobster Dunk" hits our shores Sat May 31st!!!

Across the Charles, Bodega's Reebok Omni Pump Lite was inspired by the renegade, borderline illegal, semi-dangerous, insanely cheap, revolutionary, independently run bus lines that link Boston's Chinatown to NYCs Chinatown. Their "Escape pack" includes everything you need to escape to another city for an overnight excursion in the city that never sleeps. The Reebok Omni Pump Lite is the centerpiece of the project featuring a luminous jade and charcoal color-way detailed with a map of the route embossed on the ankle collar. A matching 5-panel cap by "ELM" and tee are also included in the pack (although a pair of boxers could have really sold this one for me). As part of the pack, they boys at bodega threw in mix-tapes, rolling papers, paint markers, and good luck charms to round out the contents of this extremely limited release. Only 100 Escape packs have been produced but here's the catch...within ONE of the packs is a GOLDEN TICKET upgrade. The lucky winner of the upgrade will get airfare to anywhere in the continental US, as well as a suitcase filled with past limited releases from Reebok. An additional 200 pairs "the travel pack" are also being released, but these ones come with a gym sack and not as many goodies as the "escape pack".

So there you have it. If you like sneakers as much as we do here, then start planing ahead. I'm really curious to see if anyone is gonna be able to cop both...who knows maybe there'll be an organized camp-outs. You never know to what lengths sneakerheads will go to, to get their precious...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lazy Sunday: is Moloko "Milk" in Russian?

Although for some years now the beautiful Roisin Murphy has been enjoying fame as a solo artist, I still look with nostalgia at the years when she was the vocalist for Moloko. A band that never took itself too seriously, Moloko always seemed to have fun along the way. It's been about 10 years since "Sing it back" came out to dominate dance charts, thanks in part to the best remix Boris Dlugosch has ever done. While we wait for the next Moloko album, here's two classic tracks to remember them by.

top-five of the UK singles chart in 1999. went on to be in 110 music compilations.

"Ibiza" at it's finest.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Event: Drop The Lime ( my Corona!)

Basstown's night at Great Scott's is back again with residents DJ Die Young and Volvox. This time joining them in the mix is Brooklyn's prodigal son Luca Venezia (AKA Drop the Lime, AKA Curses!!!). Gaining notoriety over the years with his Trouble & Bass label, Drop the Lime has been producing some of the best "bass heavy" tracks this side of the Atlantic. It's no wonder he's also involved with French Label institubes under his Curses moniker. I can almost guarantee people are going to go apeshit tonight when they hear his If you wanna prep up for what's going on tonight, listen to his “Bass For Golden Pudels” mix. It might Destroy your speakers but that's just the risk you have to take!

Drop the Lime - “Bass For Golden Pudels” Mix

Catch him and the Institubes Hooligan Disco crew on tour...acting like clowns.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Music/Video: Flairs is better than Prince (and Kanye is better than MJ)


Well...not really but give Flairs some credit for making this awesome track. If you haven't seen the Dave Chapelle skit about Prince, you should because no matter what Flairs says about prince, that sexy muthafucka can play ball. Ok, I'm not gonna say much more about Prince because we all know him and his purple ass-less chaps. I am gonna talk about Flairs though, because for a delusional frenchie, he does make some great music. I wish it was 2004 right now because I would have really been into this right now. Making that kinda Dancey music with guitars really ticked my fancy then...and if Output hadn't gone down the tube, Trevor Jackson would have made of Flairs the only band that mattered. Kind of shame really...imagine what it could have been. But who wants to keep living in the past. Flairs is on right now showing the world that if you put a bass on the hands of a French man, what you're gonna get is some Sweet Disco Music. The self-proclaimed "French Cowboy" is apparently in love with L'Amerique, and we wish he would tour here. We'd dress like Prince just to fuck wit him. Although I'm surprised he's not signed to Gomma or Relish (because it's sounds like he could), His label is the up and coming German label Roxour.

If you haven't heard of Roxour Before, it was about time you did. With a roster that includes Benjamin Theves (who is lisenced to Kitsune), TEPR (who remixes Yelle and Santogold), Alavi (who is obviously anti-Justice!) and Modernaire (who are just plain awesome Y'all), you know they are gonna be the label all hipsters will be talking about next year! You know it's gonna happen, cause we called it here first! Check out Alavi's remix of "Smell like teen spirit"'s hipster crack (literally). If you're tired of the Ed Banger Shenanigans, this might be what you were waiting for.

Flairs - Better than Prince
Alavi - Smells like Rerox
Tepr - Deutschland To Italia (1987)
Modernaire - Science

Event: Let's go to AKULT this Friday!!!

AKULT is back this Friday ready to kick start your labor day weekend. After a series of important guests, residents Scott Bliss and Brenden Wesley will provide the grooves and let you judge why this is one of Boston's best nights. See ya at Goodlife!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Music: Babies Dream Big...(but Big Babies dream Bigger)

Sometimes here at Manifest Destitute we forget that there is good music outside the realm of the Four to the Floor. Fortunately, every so often we receive music that make us snap out of it! I know it's not officially summer yet, but it feels like it's already here anyway. If you're looking for music to listen to this summer at cookout, Babies Dream Big provides the kind of Soundtrack that will put you in the spirit to go on a road trip, and throw on a pair of hot pants or shorts (but we prefer hot pants...on ladies with roller skates and their mandatory knee high socks!)

Based in lovely Brooklyn, Alan Wilkis Babie's project is a combination of genres that seem at times nostalgic of our classic rock heroes but infuses them with all the Fun that is a drum machine, and listening to Prince. Lending him a hand on this venture, Babies Dream Big features Eric Biondo from "Antibalas/Beyondo/TV on the Radio" and Jason Treuting from "So Percussion". Standout tracks here are Bad Mamma Jamma (for y'all Chromeo fans) and Burnin', although if you listen to the other tracks you'll realize there a little bit for everyone. Jokingly I was telling my girlfriend: "Finally, something that's like the scissor sisters for the Bros!!!"...and you know what? That's exactly what I'll be needing this summer. No joke, Neon Coyote must have felt the same way when he opened his summer mix with "Milk&Cookies".

Babies Dream Big - Burnin' (Buy the Album Here!)

O yeah...they used BDB's "I'm famous" on this too. (GO BARACK!!!)

Ad: Lock, Stock, and two smoking footballs?

Dear Mr. Guy Ritchie,
For some reason you've been having bad luck at the movies recently. We know everyone keeps blaming your lovely wife but we are fans of her as well, and cannot tolerate the nerve these movie critics have at hinting she sucks the creativity out of you. Although I have yet to watch Revolver, we did stumble upon the commercial you did recently for Nike football, and in our humble opinion it was damn fine. We are hopeful however, that doing commercials won't become a full-time job. We miss your movies and really...Swept Away wasn't all that bad. We have a copy on DVD. Good Luck in your upcoming projects. We can't wait to see them soon.

Best Regards,

Manifest Destitute

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Music: Cut Copy (...Paste)

Three years ago when i got Cut Copy's debut album i think i liked them more because of the people that remixed their singles than the album itself. Today though that's not the case. Their album "In Ghost Colours" is truly outstanding. Its still got those elegant 80's new wave elements but this time the record comes more animated and with the all the guarantee that is a Tim Goldsworthy production. The real pleaser here is "Hearts on fire" a track that at times sound so new order I almost wish it was...check the bass at the end. Well...not that my opinion will count much at the end of the year when pitchfork puts out that hideous list, but "Hearts on fire" gets my vote for best single of the year (well...maybe second after blind and "hold on"). As far as remixes go though, take all the hype behind the Midnight Juggernauts remix and it just ends up sounding like a Depeche Mode B-side, but I'm sure many of you will enjoy it. At this point I'm hoping someone like Surkin would take a stab at the song because there is so much gold behind the small snippets of 90's house in the beat. With all that said, enjoy the's just as good. (ps: Doesn't this picture remind you of Blue Monday and Peter Saville's work?)

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire
Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Midnight Juggernauts)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Event: Berlin invades Boston! (but in a good way...)

his is coming super last minute, but you should head over to "Balearia" tonight at the Squealing Pig in Mission Hill. Tonight Balearia is welcoming Zombocombo ( all the way from Berlin for a live performance. Zombocombo is made up of Dr. Mooner compiler of the Elaste Cosmic compilation on Compost and all around musical genius and Pollyester DJ Kaput, and KittBang. This is going to be totally nuts so you should be there! DJ Sets by Scott Bliss & Brenden Wesley.

Tonight @ The Squealing Pig
(Free show. Doors open@10:00 pm)
134 Smith Street
Roxbury, MA

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Music: Everyone Nosed Up!

Photo: Last nights Party
So Pharrell is at it again with his N.E.R.D crew, but really, it's sounds more like someone needed to take a break from Nigo and the Billionaire Boys Club.... In any case it's good to know N.E.R.D have come back strong with an album that takes influence from the scene they sort of gave birth to (at least in fashion), and from the sounds of the current Hipster Dance scene. "Everyone Nose" from their upcoming album "Seeing Sounds" is a hit that has been already playing at clubs and House Parties all the way from Brooklyn to Hong Kong. An Ode to all girls doing Colombia's fines export, "Everyone Nose" combines what Baltimore would sound played by a live band with moments of distinguished piano lines a la Coldplay (I know... kill me for that comment). It's kinda rare that a song with such a ridiculous theme and energy actually sounds so beautiful at times. I know I gave Pharrell crap about the upcoming Madonna single, but you know...we are all about redemption here! As for the video...It kinda reminds of that website with Party pics... no, not this one, I mean the the good one, you know, the one with hip ladies showing more boobies than a softcore porno. Oh Snap! They were the one's taking the pictures! "Everyone Nose" out now...Catch N.E.R.D Live tomorrow on the Glow in the Dark Tour with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco @ The Tweeter Center.

wait...isn't Lindsay Lohan supposed to be in Rehab?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Armand Van Helden - you don't know me

Classic Track from the late nineties that was a huge commercial success for Mr. Van Helden at a time when it was ok to dress like Ali G....Respect. To be honest, he dresses like whatever is the latest fashion in Hip Hop....I think right now it's neon skinny jeans and shutter shades. Say what you want, the man really knows hwo to embrace a trend. I mean...even after 911 he had turntables from Pakistan, and you really can't fuck wit that.

ps: I dress like that too (...Jesus I'm such a poser!)

Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me (Armed Records)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Art: Keith Haring (was a Sneakerhead too!)

Keith Haring has always been a hero of ours here at Manifest Destitute. Not only was his work incredibly appealing but he also had a social purpose for it. Recently a new documentary on his work debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, and although I couldn't find a way to embed the trailer for it, you can find it here. Christina Clausen's Documentary tittled "The Universe of Keith Haring" offers a personal glimpse into Haring's life, from growing up in a small, conservative Pennsylvania town to the Downtown New York scene of the '80s and the success that turned him into an icon of the 20th Century.

Here's another Documentary called "Drawing the Line" from 1989. Enjoy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Musica: Happy Cinco de Mayo Bitches!!!

Que Onda everybody! Listos para celebrar este Cinco de Mayo!!!? Pues aqui en Manifesto Destituto nosotros no la estamos pasando de la mejor manera con un seis de Corona, unos taquitos de Chorizo, y un tequilita pa despues de comer. Y como de costumbre aqui estamos para brindarles los mejores exitos de Discoteca de Ayer, Mañana, y Hoy. Y para los nolstalgicos de los noventa...pues aqui les dejo lo mejor del sonido "casa" o sea "house". Vale mis niños, TODOS A BAILAR!!! (y a mover ese culo!!!)

Calo - Ponte Atento: Mexican Hip-House band that I was actually really into at the age of 7. least it wasn't Menudo! They also have a song about tacos (not kidding) and one about crashing a Yatch Paty (hot beat). Really...who doesn't love boobs and tacos?!

Locomia - Rumba Samba Mambo: well....This is Spanish gay house at its prime. You take Madonna's Vogue, sprinkle more gay, add some Latin spice, and you've gone a little too far! You can also catch them Dancing in the Background for the Petshop Boys Here...and for Duran Duran Here! (ps: did you notice Simon Le Bon with his Stussy Hoodie? 1988 was fabulous!)

Gerardo - Rico Suave: And how could you forget this? This is like the original Latin Lover's Anthem. I mean... I sing it in front of the mirror EVERYDAY just to remind myself of how Rico and Suave I joke.
John Leguizamo... he knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Projecto Uno - El Tiburon: Ah...this is a CLASSIC. Another Latin Lover Anthem about the problems with keepin' it real. If you want a party, play this and never look back... booty shaking guaranteed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Music: Part of the Weekend Never Dies

photo by Mimi P.

here's bands that are good, there's bands that are awesome, there's bands that get press, and then there is Soulwax. In my mind they must be like the most underrated band/act that actually matters. I can guarantee you that they've been an influence to all the wanna be DJ's (like me) who've ever done a mashup in their bedroom. Also... Yeah I know it's kind of en vogue (or at least it was a couple years back) for rock bands to have keyboards, but how often do you see a dance act actually just play instruments and do it so effortlessly. Not to even mention the fact they DJ with a live band (who does that?). Yeah, this is where James Murphy bitches and says he does it too or even better, but truth be told Mr. Murphy, You are from North America (and LCD Soundsystem is just a rock band playing electronic music). People from Europe grow on French bread, Nutella and cheesy house music. Soulwax tried to be a rock band and they failed...But that's ok because the grass is just so much greener on the Disco side. Needless to say, I love Soulwax! I'm like the Japanese chick at the end of the trailer. I drank the Kool-Aid back in the days of Too Many DJ's volume 2 and i haven't looked back. If we ever wanted to live in music Harmony, they would be the Embassadors of all things Dance-Rock. I wish they would make something mediocre for a know, just to even up the field. I still hope one day they'll come to Boston because going to NYC and Philly just doesn't go well with my lazy ass. So this is my message to all Boston promoters: Poppa needs his Soulwax and he needs is BAD!!! Oh... did i forget to mention this post was supposed to be about the DVD that's coming out? No wonder i don't get paid to do this...

Rolling Stones - You Never Get What you Want (Soulwax Remix)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Video: Justice against gang violence!!!

What's with French people and being gansta? C'est ci pasque ils aiment le hip-hop? Well... this new video for "Stress" by Justice is straight up G and not in the Gay Unit kinda way. The Video actually reminds me a bit of Mathieu Kassovitz's cult film "La Haine"(Hate). The movie follows a bunch of kids from the burbs (that's the hood in France) as they go around Paris causing commotion and smoking some reefer (probably hashish), but believe me, the movie is way more complex and actually expresses a strong social commentary. Anyways I recommend you to watch that movie because it doesn't get more real than that. As for the Justice Video, well, just watch it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Busy Thursday: Pump up the Volume! Pump up the Volume!

Finally...Here's the third and last installment of the Pump up the Volume Documentary. You guys remember Goldie? Wonder how much his teeth weight? Enjoy...

Part 10 of 15

Part 11 of 15

Part 12 of 15

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Part 14 of 15

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