Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Music: Everyone Nosed Up!

Photo: Last nights Party
So Pharrell is at it again with his N.E.R.D crew, but really, it's sounds more like someone needed to take a break from Nigo and the Billionaire Boys Club.... In any case it's good to know N.E.R.D have come back strong with an album that takes influence from the scene they sort of gave birth to (at least in fashion), and from the sounds of the current Hipster Dance scene. "Everyone Nose" from their upcoming album "Seeing Sounds" is a hit that has been already playing at clubs and House Parties all the way from Brooklyn to Hong Kong. An Ode to all girls doing Colombia's fines export, "Everyone Nose" combines what Baltimore would sound played by a live band with moments of distinguished piano lines a la Coldplay (I know... kill me for that comment). It's kinda rare that a song with such a ridiculous theme and energy actually sounds so beautiful at times. I know I gave Pharrell crap about the upcoming Madonna single, but you know...we are all about redemption here! As for the video...It kinda reminds of that website with Party pics... no, not this one, I mean the the good one, you know, the one with hip ladies showing more boobies than a softcore porno. Oh Snap! They were the one's taking the pictures! "Everyone Nose" out now...Catch N.E.R.D Live tomorrow on the Glow in the Dark Tour with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco @ The Tweeter Center.

wait...isn't Lindsay Lohan supposed to be in Rehab?