Friday, February 27, 2009

Music/Event: Mark E. Quark this sunday @ the Phoenix Landing!!!

This Sunday, Boston welcomes early rave scene pioneer Mark E. Quark (SF Wicked crew). You don't want to miss this one because it'll be his first appearance in the Hub since 2004! "In 1988, at the tender age of 18, Mark E. Quark began his DJ career by playing substitution slots at KCR FM, one of only 2 underground radio stations in San Diego. Later that year he and and his friend,Gregg Pope were given their own 'Acid House' show KSDT FM college radio in San Diego, CA. By 1989, he became a resident dj in San Diego's premier nightclub, SOMA, playing acid house, industrial, disco, and other varieties of electronic dance music. During his three year residency at SOMA, he was responsible for increasing the clientele from about 200-300 people to about 800-1000 people on a typical Saturday night. By 1990 he had already begun to phase out the industrial sound and began to play strictly acid house, Belgian beat, and techno, which contributed to the steady crowd for the next few years. In 1991, while maintaining his residency at SOMA, he collaborated with roommate/soundman, Brian Weinberg and Playskool's Paul Smith to turn a 6,000 ft. warehouse space in to an underground club venue. The party was called 'Ware's The House' and set the foundation for what was to become the SD rave scene. In 1992, he was offered a residency in a popular downtown club called Club Geraldine's where he maintained a steady and increasing audience for 2 years. After being offered a residency at Playskool, another popular downtown club, he stopped working at SOMA and Club Geraldine's. He remained a resident DJ at Playskool for over 4 years, building up one of San Diego's biggest house nightclubs. Mark was eventually maintaining his own night called G-Force at an underground club, The Flame."

"Mark contributed to the club's increasing popularity for over 4 years and gained an extremely devout following. Although he was successful in San Diego, he wanted to be closer to where house music was more widely embraced. He also wanted to challenge himself in a city filled with other talented djs that were integral in inspiring his passion and love for the genre. As a result, Mark moved to San Francisco in 1996. In San Francisco, he quickly gained respect and played at legendary parties such as The Gathering, Basics, By the People's Out Of Sight parties, Stompy Dig In, and Sunset. In addition, Mark began a weekly Sunday night called Bionic Peanut Butter at The Top along with djs, Solar and IZ (Chicago). Mark began traveling throughout the United States and Canada as well as Europe, receiving resounding credit in France, where he played at the legendary Rex Club and Batofar. He has played alongside DJs such as Doc Martin, Derrick L. Carter, Lil Louie Vega, Kenny Hawkes, Gemini, Onionz, Dan Ghenacia, Hipp-E, Justin Harris, Phil Weeks, Hector Morales Mark Farina, the wicked crew, Halo and even Richard James (Aphex Twin), Moby nd more recently Maurice Fulton , Holy Ghost!, Kim Ann Foxman (Hercules & Love Affair), DJ Spun (Rong), DJ Cole Medina, Scotty Coats (Rong) and In Flagranti." He is also 1/4 of San Diego/LA based DJ collective and promoters Dos Dres who have been responsible for bringing acts such as Brennan Green, Tim Sweeney, Maurice Fulton, Radio Slave, DJ Spun, & In Flagranti to the west coast.

Opening set by Mark's friend Brenden Wesley (Akult/Solardisco). This one will be for the heads for sure.

Mark E. Quark
@ The Phoenix Landing
Sunday March 1st 2009

And as promised on that Weekly Dig Ad, check out a recent mix from Mark below. This set is stony, not exactly what he might play at the club. However, if one can be cerebral and soulful about nu-disco then he exemplifies that.

Download: Mark E. Quark Mix for Love Noodles. (Alt Link)

Music: Friendly Fires can Happen to your Love!!!

Ok, It's not lazy Sunday and in fact there was no real reason for this post but I felt compelled to write something while I'm in the process of cleaning my mac from accumulated mp3 garbage. Going through 1000's of unsorted music files is a bitch and even more so is the actual cataloging of such files. And while I'm not gonna bore you with the details or reasons for this Epiphany, I came across this indie band from the UK by the name of Friendly Fires. bla bla bla, they are nowhere close to reaching the success of the Klaxons or Bloc Party but it's nice to dream right? Actually, truth is they are probably doing pretty good for themselves. In fact they remind me a bit of Zoot Woman (sans Stuart Price). In any case the reason why I got so inspired to write this silly post was because of their one song I found in my hard drive.

For all those who are not familiar with Mr. Jamie Principle, he was one of the first recording artists in House Music. Far from being a DJ, principle was an artist, and at that time some of his early tracks didn't even get credited as his, while Frankie Knuckles took the praise (or so the story goes). Principle went on to have a successful career, so no worries there. Anyways, The Particular track I wanted to bring attention to is "Your Love" which is the closest thing to a "House Ballad" if there could be such a thing. The track has such an Aura and although it borderlines New Wave, there is something even more poetic and sexual than any love song New Order ever did (and trust me, I love those Mancunians). Well, long story short...The Friendly fires covered the song a couple years ago and with a decent result may I add. First of all the song is kind of obscure if you're not a House Head and Secondly for an Indie band to cover such gem is a gem in itself. I'm not particularly familiar with their repertoire, but i saw they have a single remixed by Aeroplane and that speaks volumes as well. If you are in Boston, you can get a chance to catch their gig at the Paradise Rock Club on March 28, so of you are curious like i am, chances are you'll be there too.

Friendly Fires - Your Love
Jamie Principle - Your Love

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Music: Lost Valentinos Run-away!!!

Perhaps we weren't paying attention the first time around, but the Australian group is now ready for a debut album and their new single "Serio" is packaged with serious heat! Our pal Jacques Renault of Runaway provides them with a touch of Cosmic Disco into the kind of territory we've learned to love here at Manifest Destitute. Beyond that, I remember Lost Valentinos from a Kitsune compilation. I guess I'm gonna have to go look through my records and figure out which one it was in. Also, what's with all the Pre-Columbian references? "En serio?" i mean for real!!! An ex-girlfriend once told me i looked like one of the dudes, so now it's freaking me out. Are they like a hispanic immigrants band from Sydney. Jesus, that's a fucking long swim for any Mexican (and trust me, we know a thing or two on that subject!) Orale Guey, me voy a disfrutar esta conquistadisco...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shop: Open! Open! Open!

Open Bicycle Opening Soon! It's true, the boys at Open are about to launch their new website and better yet that so rumored shop in Union Square (Somerville). In a truly fucked economy, open bicycle is determined to make you sell your Car and get a bike. Let's face it...Hybrids suck anyways. sexy is it to ride a bike? Yeah this Sexy!!!

...And If you can' wait till the open shop opens, you can always show your support with this dope T-shirt!!! Here at manifest destitute, we wear it proudly! Buy yours HERE for now...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Event: Disco-nnection...because Disco is a Dirty Word!!!


Get this...Tomorrow it's a new day for all you Disco fans here in Boston. But let me be clear - John Travolta is not invited! so don't expect white suits or the freaking Beegees on the guest list. This Tuesday, Feb 24th Brenden Wesley & DJ Supreme One (You may know him as Serge) bring us a NEW DISCO Night @ Middlesex Lounge! Yep. FINALLY!!! I have been wanting see a quality disco night and Well, the stars have apparently aligned in the appropriate manner. Disco-nnection will be the first in a series of monthly parties with Rocking/rare cuts mixed properly as only two true disco heads know how. Expect only true Underground Disco with a side dish of Funk and Boogie.

Come on Boston, I know there are some Real Disco/House Heads that know how important this night is for the scene. It's not all about Electro, Hip-Hop and minimal techno is it? We get deeper than that don't we? Let's make New York proud...

...and like we promised you on the Weekly Dig, don't forget to Download the Special Disco Mix courtesy of Brenden Wesley. It's Disco Education 101.

Brenden Wesley - Special Disco Mix

Tuesday February 24th
@Middlesex Lounge
21+ no cover
9pm -1am

ps: click here to see what the Boston Herald had to say...

Brenden Wesley Live from Manifest Destitute on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Hey Miss Broadway!!!

The Paris Based trio Belle Epoque are probably better know for their 1977 hit Black on Black, however for all intents and purposes we kinda dig that Ms. Broadway joint. Us and like the rest of the world for that matter. The Song is one of those quintessential disco tracks that every crate should have. Although I do enjoy the cover that Glass Candy re-did for the "Italians do it Better" label, the original has all that much more funk!!! In any case, you be the judge....

Bonus: Special Ed - Come on Let's Move it

Friday, February 20, 2009

Music: The Return of the Mac...Maclean that is!!!

NO IT'S NOT THE RETURN OF THIS GUY!!! HELL NO! Luckily for us, it's the grand return of our favorite artist on DFA. The Juan Maclean is back with a new album, after he dropped that incredible single that was Happy House. And no offense to Siouxie Sue but I'm gonna stick to the song with the better beat! And while LCD Soundsystem has no plans on getting back on the road, Maclean has enlisted Nancy Whang as his lieutenant of Sound with a line up that will include Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost! and Gerry Fuchs (formerly of !!!). I smell and awesome tour on the grill!!! And while we wait for "The Future Will Come" on April 14, here's a sample of their disco-inflected Human League-sounding" single "One Day".

The Juan Maclean - One Day

and if you are in NEW YORK CITY, Check this out!!!

Event/Spot: Tonight @ RISE...

In a town where being a hater is almost an Art, once in a while it's nice to recognize when people are doing their shit right. "Make it New" and "Heartthrob" for the past couple years have become a fixture in Boston's Midweek nightlife and a lifestyle to dozens of Glamorous Kids on a Hipster bandwagon that seems to have more lives than Felix the Housecat (o_O). Whether it's the Music, or the need to be immortalized on David Day's Camera, the crowd that heads over to Cambridge weekly has at least shown this Basstown that having outrageous fun is quite alright. And let's not forget the DJs...

Our friend Alan "the whole show" Manzi's residency at Make it New is always a gratification if Techno is what you're into...and David Day, the eternal journalist of the Boston nightlife has proven on more than one occasion that his vast knowledge of the Kompakt Catalog actually works on a Dancefloor. "Make it New" has build a reputation around here for providing Boston with the touch of Minimal Techno and music that overall revolves around Berlin.

Heartthrob on the other hand seems to be Michael Alig's vision of the Future. A Brain Child of DJ Red Foxx, Morgan Louis and Baltimoroder, Heartthrob is Mayhem in a Box. From the epileptic visuals to the abrasive sounds of Electro and Happy Hardcore (o_O), chances are you won't resist the urge to Dance...HARD! Well folks, if you haven't already gone to either of these nights chances are you are reading this in Moscow, or Peabody for that matter. Well...the point I'm really trying to make is that you should head over to Rise Tonight and Catch both of these gangs under the same room!!! If you were one to make excuses about going out on a weekday well no excuses's Saturday tomorrow. Oh and honestly, where else do you get a chance to dance for more than 4 hours after 2AM? At Rise that's where!!!...and Bring Glow sticks (o_O)...for DJ RedFoxx. That kid's got the Rave in his Blood.

Video: Day N' Nite!!!

Wow! I can't believe it's taken this long, but thank God Kid Cudi's underground hit finally has a video. With a little help of SO ME, the video for Day N' Nite is pretty neat. I mean ever since that D.A.N.C.E video, there's been way too much animation on videos. I'm glad to say this one got it just right!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music: Lichiban likes Woolfy and so do we!!!

Our friend Lichiban knows a thing or two about Art & Design and like most artists, Music is a big component of the process it takes into making shit happen. I was really happy to read her blog the other day and find out that we have a lot more in common than just our passion for Art. Not too long ago she blogged about Woolfy and how the music takes her to an astral adventure. Well...we've been into the Cosmic/Balearic disco scene for a bit, and we can't but agree with her.

The London Born-Californian, has recently hit the shelves with some dope tracks on both Rong/DFA and on the Permanent Vacation Label. The 12" released on the split Rong/DFA release features "Oh Missy", the first single off his forthcoming album. Although the track has some nice rock feel to it, the real treat in this one are the In Flagranti Remixes which add much more naughtiness and Glam than the original. Our favorite is the "Xexon Mix" however we recommend you get the single for the "meat-packing mix", if you are into that borderline Electro-tech feel....

...And if "Italians do it Better" is what you've been up to recently, then the Woolfy vs. Projections "Absynth" is gonna hit the spot. More Cosmic than Disco, the killer track on this 12" is the Marcus Worgull remix. The Flipside is just as good with the Invisible Conga Band's rework of "The Return of Starlight." Who said great minds didn't think alike?!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video: Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor!!!

...When our friend Leilani posted the sentence "Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor" as her Facebook Status, I assumed maybe she spent too much time this weekend at a Gay Club. It couldn't even come to mind that what she was referring to, was the Michel Gondry-Directed episode of Flight of the Conchords. When I finally had a chance to Catch in on the TV... I literally fell off the couch. Sad thing is, this actually hit too close to home (no joke). Ladies...I know some of you must read this blog. Do us fellas a favor and balance out the Dance Floor, Please!!! I know it's cold out there and stuff but seriously, no one wants to experience the following: o_O

ps: if you are one of the lucky ones in Boston to actually own an HD Digital Radio don't forget to catch Leilani's Show on 92.9HD2 RadioYou from 6-8pm Saturday Night!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Video: Put Your hands up for Detroit!!!

High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music from Plexifilm on Vimeo.

Please take an hour of your time and watch's gonna change you life.

Art: Banksy "is an overpayed Art "F@&" who cuts stencils out"

Forget THIS GUY...Banksy's the real deal. It's kinda hilarious how everyone has always something to say when it comes to street artists. Frankly, I'm kinda over it. Let's try not to bank on everyone elses work. Go do your own shit!!! In any case, here's a little something we found in the net.

Video: Drink for the Mickey Mouse Club Generation!!!

Event: I'd like my Music XL...with fries!!!

While I'm still waiting for a Solar Disco Shirt size XL, I do recommend you to head over to the enormous room this Wednesday and catch Brenden Wesley & John Barera do what they do best...Spin some records (just in case you were wondering). This month, DJJEFF joins them to provide you with a set of mostly early House and some Underground Disco. Now on their second month, Brenden's new residency at the enormous room picks up some of the elements of the classic Akult nights but with a concentration on that lovely period between 1981 and 1988. I know it's early in the year, but expect AKULT to make it's return to Boston's Best Dance floors soon...rumor has it Mr. Wesley has been busy on the production side of things. Speaking of which....Brenden's "New wave Hookers" project is out on Vinyl now as part of the Headtunes Volume 1 compilation. Be sure to get a copy here before they are all gone.

Listen: Brenden Wesley – New Wave Hookers (original)
Listen: DJ Set on "The Party Report" 91.5 FM WMFO (02-17-2009 12:00)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music: Ciao Bello Ciao Tiga!

It's official...Disco is taking over the Dance World again. I know we've been bloggin' and bloggin' about it since we started this little Blog of Bostoncentric Dance non-sense, but day after day more and more artist have started to embrace the inner disco-boogie in them. Last week we posted Soulwax's newest radio mix and Disco (cosmic & Italo) it was indeed. Not surprisingly, Soulwax is also responsible for most of Tiga's new Album which will also have major contribution (vocally) by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem/DFA fame. What I'm I really saying? I don't know but I feel like a freaking Disco Nostradamous. That's alright...we've got some surprises for you to download pretty soon. In the mean time enjoy Tiga's new single from his upcoming album "Ciao". Italo inspired? Mi sembra propio di si!!!

Event: Erik B's House of fame!!!

For all of you that have stayed in Boston past your college graduation, chances are that at some point you've run into DJ Erik B at one of the following: 1. The T 2. Newbury Street 3. Avalon 4. Goodlife 5. Your little sisters loft party. Maybe this is not the case, but as far as I can remember, Erik B has always been at every Dance music-related event I can remember happening in this town. As a DJ, I can always recall Erik carrying a shoulder bag full of records every time I randomly ran into him on the street. A friendly and charismatic Character, Erik B was a one-time fixture at Avalon’s Techno, House and Dance parties at a time when Avalon could bring in the biggest names in the Industry making Boston a destination for DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Oakenfold, Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. Perhaps this screams like the 90's but that was definitely the Golden Age of DJ culture in America.

But enough about the past. Let's keep on moving. Today Erik B is taking over All Asia Cafe in Cambridge for a new, bi-weekly night called "House of Fame". This my friends is an interesting concept geared as a DJ industry night for vinyl purists looking to hear everything from house and trance to classic club tracks and electro bangers - all on wax...yes that "black crack" he calls Vinyl!!! Don’t expect to see any laptop DJs sporting Serrato and playing mp3s. House of Fame will also include a DJ co-operative, where all DJs who support the night will be booked for a future party. Today’s launch party features Justin Carr and Tommy P as well as residents Erik B, Keith Kene and Driftski. Boston own House legend "DJ Bruno" rolls up on March 19.

House of Fame at the All Asia Cafe, Cambridge, at 9 p.m.; $5, 21-plus.

Download: Erik B (Beast R) - Relax More

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday: San Salavdor!!!

The Concacaf World Cup qualifying games have started and although I would never wish for El Salvador to beat my dearest Seleccion Azteca, their Capital does share the name of one of the greatest Disco tracks of all time. Azoto's San Salvador borders that 90% of Disco tunes that suck, but like many of my peers would agree, we understand the value of the song for what it is, a dope track. The percussions are always on point and that bass solo is one of the bests of all time...Not to mention the piano which predates House music but somehow always feels like it could fit in any Bob Sinclair set. Although this track is quite Latin in vibe, it was created by Italian producer Celso Valli, also responsible for Macho as well as some other memorable and forgettable Disco groups. San Salvador however is a landmark in Disco and if you don't agree, then you should probably stick to the mickey mouse club.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music/Video: Bottin likes Lazy Sundays...but it's Valentine's day today.

Bottin's Single "No static" is out now and here's the video to go along with it...I'm not sure what's up with the Futuristic Bikers riding through Piazza Navona, and call me crazy but last time I was in Rome those flashing high-rise building were not exactly there. I guess anything is possible if you sprinkle some Cinecitta magic!!! Here's also another mix he nicely entitled: Space Lovers Come on Sunday (Lazy Sunday Mix)...Seriously, with a tittle like that, you'd think he'd read this blog. "No Static" out on vinyl now on "italians do it better". Buy Here!

Download: Space Lovers Come on Sunday (Lazy Sunday Mix)

01 Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
02 Mirage - Woman
03 Df & Pam - On The Beat
04 Claudio Mingardi - Starman
05 Charlie - Spacer Woman
06 Louella - Rapt
07 Gonzo - I Need And I Love
08 Cless - Extraterrestreally
09 Electra - Are You Automatic?
10 Berlin - Sex

All tracks are from 1983

ps: If I don't get lazy..tomorrow there will be a Lazy Sunday of our own!
ps#2: HAPPY VALENTINO's DAY!!! Go make Out and eat tons of Chocolate...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Music: Too Much Radio Soulwax!!!

These two Crazy Belgians keep outdoing themselves in the Craziest ways possible. First they pretty much invented Mash-Ups (or at least did them flawlessly and way better than Diplo) Then they made a Dance Rock album just to Remix it themselves and take it on the Road. They now have a documentary and a portfolio of Remixes that reads like a list of what's been cool in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. my point is that these two are the saviours of music. Recently, they took over Rob Da Bank's show on BBC Radio 1 and did a 60 minute mix of just intros. WTF!!! Yes, Just Intros!!! I'd post the tracklisting here but it's 420 tracks long. I think you get the point. However if you are so inclined, go to Rob Da Banks page and geek out like you've never geeked before. And you know what's better? They even made another 60 minute Disco Mix full of rare gems from the past and some nu/cosmic tracks worth checking out. Enjoy it...put it on your ipod and when people ask you why you're smiling, just say: RADIO SOULWAX!!!!

Download: SOULWAX @ Rob Da Bank (Intros + Disco Mix)

Event/Spot: Tonight @ RISE...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Events: Shepard Fairey is all over the news and that's ok with us...

Well...I can't/don't want to get into the details on why Shepard Fairey is good/is bad/is a sell -out/is a hero/is a genius/is a copy cat/GOT Arrested. Bottom line, if you haven't noticed yet, Boston kinda likes him. So much so people were willing to pay up $500 for tickets to that ICA party... Anyway lucky for us, we got to got a chance to hear him Spin (Diabetically) at one of his parties at Goodlife ealier last week. More than anything, it was nice to see all the folks that make us almost wanna stay in this town a little longer. Check out Proletariat's video and see if you can spot all your favorite Shop owners/bloggers/DJs/artists/graphic designers/socialites/local celebrities/that Andre the Giant guy.

video via Always on the Grind! via Proletariat's $1K camera! & Thanks to Peter and Brenden Wesley for the Invite. We had a great night!

Music: Runaway seen in Chinatown!!!

As we eat some spectacular House Special Fried Rice (ironic huh) we present to you Runaway's newest mix promoting their latest 12" single on Brennan Green´s Chinatown imprint. "Alberg 30" is a dark new disco track with lethal synths that borderline that Jacking Chicago Sound we've come to love so much over the years. Runaway's mix is likewise a bangin' House Mix that just pretty much explains why they were voted NYC's best DJ's by paper magazine. Sometimes it's good to be darlings of the underground, but this mix is definitely one for the big leagues...and I'm not just saying that cuz they are playing at Fabric for Valentine's day (...but you get the idea). Enjoy lovers, enjoy!

Listen: Runaway (January Mix)

+Buy Alberg 30 Here!+

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday: On a Tuesday...

Well...What can I say about posting Lazy Sunday on a Tuesday? Being busy doesn't quite cut it...but to be honest this weekend was quite an interesting one. After partying it up at Rise this Saturday, I realized how powerful a Dance floor can be...and also how devastating. My girlfriend's got the bruises to prove it and i think i may have lost a pound from dancing that night. It's obviously an exaggeration to compare Rise to certain legendary dance clubs, but for a guy like me whose clubbing experience is partially eurotrash and partially Hip Hop Hipster galore, my night at Rise was as close as I can even perceive a night at the Paradise Garage would have been like. Exagerations? Perhaps, but that "Menergy" is exactly what lead to what i did yesterday (on Lazy Sunday)...I WENT RECORD SHOPPING. Granted I didn't make it to the LAB in NYC like i planned to, but we did go explore some of Boston's last standing oasis' for vinyl purists (as our friend Eric B likes to say). Looney Tunes might have over-prized grooves, but it's always a guarantee you'll find something in excellent conditions and something rare to take home. After browsing around for an hour (at least), we went home with some pretty good vinyl. Monday...we did it again, across the river in Cambridge. We spent way too much time at Cheapo, but patience always pays because this is what we found:


1. Patrick Cowley - Menergy ft. Sylvester
2. Patrick Cowley - Do Ya Wanna Funk ft. Sylvester (with the instrumental: WOW!)
3. Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Spank (because you always should have 2 copies!!!)
4. S- Express - Theme From S-Express (early UK acid house in near Mint condition!!!)
5. The Cut - Kindness for Weakness (w/ Larry Levan mix!!!)
6. Destination - Move on up (cover of the Curtis Mayfield classic in Mint!)


1. Boney M. - Love For Sale (Because I couldn't get the C.O.M.B.I. edit)
2. Indeep - The Record Keeps Spinning (12", Promo)
3. Steve Arrington - Summertime Lovin' (Larry Levan Mix)