Monday, February 16, 2009

Music: Ciao Bello Ciao Tiga!

It's official...Disco is taking over the Dance World again. I know we've been bloggin' and bloggin' about it since we started this little Blog of Bostoncentric Dance non-sense, but day after day more and more artist have started to embrace the inner disco-boogie in them. Last week we posted Soulwax's newest radio mix and Disco (cosmic & Italo) it was indeed. Not surprisingly, Soulwax is also responsible for most of Tiga's new Album which will also have major contribution (vocally) by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem/DFA fame. What I'm I really saying? I don't know but I feel like a freaking Disco Nostradamous. That's alright...we've got some surprises for you to download pretty soon. In the mean time enjoy Tiga's new single from his upcoming album "Ciao". Italo inspired? Mi sembra propio di si!!!