Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Event: Heppler Out!

One of Boston's biggest loudmouths is leaving Boston and if you ask me, it was about time! Love him or Hate him, Rob Heppler is the undisputed king of nonsense. If you never got a chance to meet him, well too time you see a Jordan commercial set in a prison or a Nike commercial that ironically endorses steroid use, you might almost wish you did. In any case, join him this Friday @ Goodlife to give him a sort of deserved farewell....yeah karma sometimes acts in mysterious ways. Oh... did we forget to mention he's responsible for THESE? Entertainment Courtesy of Team (Oh) Canada and Heppler himself.

ps. Rob, how many Mexicans can you fit in a FJ Cruiser outside Home Depot?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy Tuesday: Pump up the Volume! Pump up the Volume!

Here's The Second Installment of the Pump up the Volume Documentary. Enjoy!

Part 5 of 15 (TRAX Records)

Part 6 of 15 (House Invades the UK)

Part 7 of 15 (Ibiza)

Part 8 of 15 (Birth of Techno)

Part 9 of 15 (The Hacienda & Acid)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Pump up the Volume! Pump up the Volume!

I'm gonna be somewhat busy in the next couple of weeks but I wanted to leave you guys a little treat anyway. If you haven't seen this documentary or ever wondered what the hell is the difference between Techno, House and all that stuff you hear on commercials, then this will be straight up informational. Pump of the Volume follows the evolution of house music from its birth in Chicago to that Pepsi commercial at the super bowl. Born out of the ashes of Disco, House music was destined to change the world (and it did). This film follows that progression from the underground to the mainstream through countless interviews with the people who made it all happen. I predict after watching this you will go buy some Trax compilation online...I wouldn't blame you. But really...why do British people make better TV than we do? (actually, scratch that...we have David Carusso)

So enjoy it (it's divided here in 15 parts thanks to magic that is Youtube) Parts 5 to 9 later this week
ps. You might want to rent this movie by the same's got Christian Slater (and he's not crazy)

Part 1 of 15 (The Paradise Garage)

Part 2 of 15 (The Warehouse)

Part 3 of 15 (The Music Box)

Part 4 of 15 (Early House Hits)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Events: Gearing up for the weekend!

It's getting warmer out there, and you can already tell tomorrow is gonna be a pretty busy night. If Arts are your thang, then head over to the Boston Center for the Arts. Our friends Shayna Shenanigans, Kenji, Ryan and Lichiban will all be showcasing their art at the Legends of Style show. The event starts at 7:00pm and ends at midnight.

If you're in the mood for Dancing after that, then head over to Great Scott's to the ROFLCon after-party. Yes...there will be internet celebrities galore (possibly using a bunch of these). Musical Entertainment courtesy of HEARTHROB & BASSTOWN. You don't wanna miss that, its' gonna be legendary.

Concert: Robyn says Konichiwa Bitches!!!

What can we say about Robyn...that hasn't been said before (by Perez Hilton). Well i got something, THAT BITCH STOLE MY FAVORITE PHRASE and MY SIGNATURE BANDANA!!! Jokes apart, the talented Swede will be gracing us with a performance at the Paradise this coming Tuesday (April 29th). Calisthenics courtesy of DJ Die Young and Baltimoroder. Buy Tickets HERE. (but if you're feeling real lucky... head over to Basstown for their awesome ticket giveaway!!!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music: Munk

Not to be mistaken with our generation's Columbo, Munk is actually a musician/ designer hailing from Germany. As half of the creative genius behind disco-funk Label Gomma, Munk's first album featured guest appearances from James Murphy and Princess Superstar. In anticipation to the release of his follow up album, his new single "LIVE FAST! DIE OLD!" will surely become a DJ's favorite with remixes from DFA's Juan Mclean, Ed Bangers Chief Busy P, Gomma's own Who made Who and Headman, as well as Baile Funk hero The Amazing Clay. Like that wasn't enough remix gold, the single most importantly will feature the Oral services/ vocals of Hot Italian actress/director/dj? Asia Argento (yeah...the one with the angel tattoo near her private lady parts....and yes, you nerdy fans of gory horror flicks will probably recognize her as the daughter of Italian Film Maestro Dario Argento). "Live Fast, Die Old" out later this month.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Space Tuesday: Nicky Click!

People that said James Brown was the hardest working man in show business...obviously hadn't met Nicky Click yet. A natural born entertainer on a mission to Electro-Crunk, Nicky's beats are like candy....candy so sticky/sweet you'll be licking your fingers and possibly someone else's too. Remember when Kelis brought all the boys to the yard? Well, Nicky here brings both the Boys and the Girls to the Yard. I'm not a big fan of mobile devices but Nicky's "I'm on my cell-phone" proves once and for all that beepers are sooo last decade! Are you convinced yet? Thinking we drank too much Kool-Aid? Here's what more qualified people had to say:

"Nicky click is incredibly catchy" -Bostons Weekly Dig

"I Just got her cd and fell in love"

"...Click pumps up the jam on elementary electro tracks about everything from lipstick-lesbian lust and queer visibility to attacking anti..gender bias catchphrases..." -Out Magazine

Nicky click plays of so funky electro electro pop rooted in identity issues and eighties vintage jazzercise clothes.. -The Source Weekly Oregon

"...If you are a fan of "Chicks on Speed", are attracted to "Peaches", and Wish you had the lyrical Skills on "Princess Superstar", Well then Nicky Click is what you need"
-Manifest Destitute (?)

If you don't believe the Hype, well start believing. Nicky's here and she ain't going nowhere! For tunes, and tour dates....Check her My Space (you know you want to!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday: A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

It was the year 1988. Yes...that famous second summer of love. The track was Gerald's Voodoo Ray. The rest was history.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Event: Edo.G @ Concepts Cambridge!!!

Roxbury Native and icon of the Boston Hip-Hop scene Edo.G will be tomorrow at Concepts Cambridge for the release of the Com Raid and Concepts Collaboration tee. Breaks Courtesy of Brek.One

Event: Future Arts Show 2008

This Saturday our good friends Kenji, Ryan (Enamel Kingdom) and Lichiban will be showcasing some of their work at the Future Arts Show. Go check it out! Music courtesy of DJ Frank White and Ms.Thang

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Events: Gearing up for the weekend!

Saturday: Akult ft. Brennan Green

It's that time of the month again when we put on a nice pair of jeans, possibly a clean shirt, and some nice shoes to impress the ladies and the dudes. Like every month, we are gonna head over to Goodlife for what will be an awesome night of Disco Dancing courtesy of Akult, with special guests Brennan Green from Chinatown Records
and Turntable Lab's Cool Gypsy Bogdan. The First time I heard of Brennan Green was 3 years ago through a remix he did for Output's Lopazz. In recent years he's gone to remix bigger acts like the legendary Liquid Liquid and disco nostalgic Lindstrom. Brennan's genre bending DJ-sets are sure to rock any dance floor taking a crowd through sounds that span Disco, House, Techno and Rock. So be sure you head over to Goodlife this Saturday because you won't wanna miss this. Opening the Disco Ceremony our friends Brenden Wesley and Scott Bliss.

Friday: Shitstorm!

Our friend Carl Robinson of the Band Shitstorm was here last weekend visiting from Brooklyn. We spent most of the day looking for kicks and talking about photography (of which i know nothing) and music. He mentioned his band was playing a show this week but he's always too humble to really plug himself, so this is where we come in. Shitstorm is one of those bands that have a deceiving name. I mean what would a Shitstorm actually sound like? Lucky for us, their music is actually appealing to the human ear despite all the toilet jokes we could make. You know...they actually remind me of the band Grey...yeah, the one led by Jean Michel Basquiat and a pre-pubescent Vincent Gallo. Maybe it's because they are from Brooklyn, maybe it's because they carry on a legacy of experimental music that doesn't suck. Either way...if you like experimental music worthy of the ICA (but wanna have the comfort of a PBR in your hand), then head over to the P.A's Lounge this Friday. I'll be there....and so should you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Music: The General is Back!!!

In the 90's Big Beat took the UK by storm, and although Wall of Sound brought artist like Les Rythmes Digitales and the Propellerheads to the charts, it was Fatboy Slim and SKINT that really stood up as the "it" Big Beat Label. As Norman Cook became the most successful DJ in the planet, the label kept producing hit after hit, and in my opinion kinda losing their appeal in the process. But life is like that and the industry unforgiving. Here at Manifest Destitute however WE FIRMLY BELIEVE IN COMEBACKS, and it's for that reason that we are happy to see that Damian Harris aka Midfield General is back. He comes back with a record SO relevant to today's scene that it barely resembles the Skint days. After having run that label for 11 years, the General finally went back to what he loved best....Making Music. Like many who travel to Paris for inspiration, he found exactly that "je ne sais quoi" he needed to finish an album he'd been working on for 8 years. While in paris, he also provided a Remix for Krazy Baldheads’ track Crazy Moth3f2ck8z (Ed Banger). In my opinion, it was better than the original.

His first single "Disco Sirens" is produced by Xavier de Rosnay
from Justice, mixed by Soulwax and features vocals by Vila from the Bumblebeez. With mixes from Boy 8-Bit, Chicken Lips and D.I.M. this is sure to become one of the big hits of the year. However, the standout track for me so far has been 137 Piano. An almost dub-step track that steps up the tempo with a light breakbeat feel. I definitely recommend that one. Disco Sirens out now. General Disarray out later this month.

Midfield General - 137 Piano (Skint)
Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Buy Here!!! or Here!)

Midfield General: Not to be mistaken for "El General"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Space Tuesday: San Serac

If you haven't noticed, here are Manifest Destitute we kinda like to expose you to some sweet electronic music. The scene in Boston has grown enormously over the past 6 years, and it's definitely a scene that continues to solidify and gain mainstream popularity. Because we care and support this scene, we'll try to highlight every Tuesday the players and talents that make our beloved Boston Dance again.

photo: Drew Jarrett

To start this off let us introduce you to San Serac, an artist whose love of Funk and all things drum machine landed him a spot in Trevor Jackson's Cult Label Output. You know the man's got skills when he's lined up in the same roster as Blackstrobe and the legendary Yello. I caught San Serac the first time at Great Scott's two years ago and was amazed by the sound of his one-man army. It was an electrifying performance for a man whose battalion was composed of a synth, a drum machine and enough charisma to keep a party going on. In a time when the fashion is to wear New Era hats and neon shades, San Serac brings to the stage the elegance that most DJ's wish they had. As far as music goes, who said the 80's were dead? Having toured with pals Chromeo and the Junior Boys, San Serac was the one who clearly fit in the big shoes Brian Ferry left to fill. After his single Tyrant was released on Output, San Serac released Professional last year, an album which received much acclaim from the specialized press. Recently San Serac's been filling vocal duties on a new project called Stereo Image with Junior Boys founding member Johnny Dark. Their first release Stereo Image S/T is due this spring as they prepare to tour later this year. Keep on the lookout for this one...his glory days are about to begin.

Wanna groove? Well Listen to this mix he adequately titled "Keep Giving Me Love"


Girl Watching T-Connection
Out Come The Freaks Was (Not Was)
Love Parasite Fad Gadget
The Breaks (Instrumental) Kurtis Blow
Love Machine Our Daughters Wedding
Light Years Away (Dub) Warp 9
It Should Have Been You Gwen Guthrie
No More Words (Extended Dance Version) Yello
Don't Try To Stop Me Kano
116 BPM More Jive Rhythm Trax
777-9311 The Time
You Used To Hold Me (Kenny's Mix) Ralphi Rosario Feat. Xavier Gold
Slap, Slap, Lickedy Lap Instant Funk
Don't You Want Me Human League
I Feel For You Chaka Khan
Tour De France (Remix) Kraftwerk
I Wonder If I Take You Home Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force
Keep Giving Me Love D-Train

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday becomes Samples Monday

I had a whole segment planned for Today and tomorrow, but when I was listening to Crystal Waters last night I realized how important that song was for us here at Manifest Destitute. If you listen to the Radio (and apparently I don't enough), You probably recognize those same Keyboards in T.I.'s "Why You Wanna". It's actually very well produced and almost sounds like early neptunes production, but there was something else odd about just happens that T.I. also samples (in my opinion) the most beautiful song in all of Janet's Catalog. "Got Till It's Gone" has a vibe that is almost anthem-like and the continuous switch between Janet and Q-Tip is in my mind one of the best collaborations ever. But what makes this song so special despite a Joni Mitchel and an inspired Tip, is the way in which Dilla's Production captures the essence of everyone involved. Also, how can you forget the video. I know Romanek has directed some incredible video's, but this is up there right with Closer and 99 Problems. It is so rare these days for a mainstream song to carry such a presence it feels blessed. What I'm really trying to say here with all this ranting, is that music is beautiful, and that's why we are so passionate about it. I'm not by any means a music historian and neither would i want to, but i'm just glad I got to share this with you. Kinda funny how music sometimes can be like playing six degrees of Separation.

(J.DILLA R.I.P, Thank you for all the music)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman

Oh's Sunday Lazy Sunday. No worries though, Hope this classic video can bright up your Sunday just a little! (granted the lyrics are not uplifting but the keys in this track are as good as it gets in house)

ps: Doesn't the lady with the mask look like the Cover of Sebastian's last 12" on Ed Banger. Coincidence...I think not! Good Job SOME!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Video: The Presets...Got Milk?

Not too long ago we posted about "This boy is mine" by The Presets. If you liked the song, then here's your chance to watch the Video. If you're into boys beating each other up in a pool of "milk" then this just might be the thing for you.................................................................(awkward silence)

The Presets - This boys is mine (Zombie Nation Remix)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Music: Bumblebeez are like Killah Beez but from Australia

A few years ago at the height of Disco Punk, there was a little band from Australia doing things a little different. Mixing an edgy rock vibe with slick Hip Hop cheekiness, they kinda were doing what the Über hipster are doing today. With Standout tracks like "Fluffy white Rabbit" and MTV friendly "Pony Ride", Blumblebeez 81 had a bright future ahead of them...and then out of nowhere they disappeared just as quickly as they had come into the scene. But then again that was 2004 and all people were still talking about was House of Jealous Lovers. Well...Now in 2008 they are back, and after signing to the mighty modular label (and dropping the "81"), It is without a doubt their time to shine. Their sound has decisively become more dance-floor friendly for y'all hip dancers and sexy danseuses to shake your bums. Their album Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill has been out for a minute now but certainly worth revisiting. Be sure to check out the intro to Dr. Love because it's fucking genius. Also out now...their new single Rio with a noisy but effective remix by "crunk funk" Italian duo Crookers. No need to say more...this is Manifest Destitute certified people.

Bumblebeez - Dr. Love (Modular) Buy Here!
Bumblebeez - Rio (Modular) Buy Here!
Bumblebeez - Rio Crookers Remix (Modular) Buy Here!

One ill crew...

ps: And don't forget this Disco Classic!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Music: NEW WAVE HOOKERS ain't just Bitches!

We might not have the writing or musical insight of David Day, but here at Manifest Destitute, we pride ourselves for bringing you the "best of the fresh" in this little town people call Boston (well, Basstown for those who are cool & with it). One thing we do have though is a COPY of Brenden Wesley's "New Wave Hookers EP". After two years circulating in the shadows, Brenden's Hookers finally get to see the light outside the Champagne room. Out now exclusively on Beatport through Cambridge's own Headtunes, New Wave Hookers is a throwback to that early eighties electro-disco and post-punk sound. If you've ever listened to Morgan Geist, you know exactly what i'm talking about. Very much like the Cult Porn film it takes inspiration from, The French edit keeps the dancefloor aroused enough to promise an after-party where clothes are left at the door. If you're more into tech-house though, then McSleazy's tickler is what you need under the sheets. Bringing those sexy heavy synths into the mix makes us think someone had an affair with Juan...not Atkins, but Mclean. But let's be honest...people might consider Mr. Wesley an up-and comer in the Boston scene, but he ain't no stranger when it comes FUNK. His monthly night at Akult is enough to back that up, and make the girls "back their ass-up". We've listened to this track on repeat now...and it's good we might head over to the video rental place (you know, the one with the Pink VIP section in the back).

Brenden Wesley - New Wave Hookers (
Version Français)
Brenden Wesley - New Wave Hookers (French Tickler)

New Wave Hookers EP out now on Beatport.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Music/Video: Maaadonna...(oh hell no!)

"Wait...all it really takes is 4 minutes to save the world? Madonna must be some sort of fucking genius. Why didn't i think of it first....wait how come NOBODY thought of it before? Well, I might not excel in brain matters but I am proud to say it only took me 40 seconds (too many) to realize I didn't want to spend 4 minutes listening to this. Madonna lets get some things straight. So you got your album produced by Kanye, Timbaland and Pharrell. You know who else did that? EVERYONE with a top40 hit!!! Plus why did it take you so long to do an "Urban" album? You might have had credentials in the 80's but today, you're just a 50 year-old woman who wears Ed Hardy and adopts babies. Besides that...why work with Timbaland and Pharrell? That's like choosing the easy way out. When there's hip hop talent out there like Spank Rock, Santagold or Kid Sister, why waste so much money for the same ol' Bhangra beats and a marching band? Gwen Stefani already did the "tic toc" and the marching band thing. What does it take to hear something original from you woman? With such a vibrant music scene going on, I expected more. You know what though... her album does look good on paper, but then again so do the New York Yankees. I wish I could give this single some credit...but you know, for someone who's had a thousand "15 minutes of fame", 4 minutes really didn't do shit." - Angry Music Fan

Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes (warner)
Madonna ft. Pharrell - Candy Shop (warner)

ps: WE HERE AT MANIFEST DESTITUTE LOVE MADONNA!!! (the opinions expressed above reflect only those of people with better judgment and self-respect...all of which we have none)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Music: Ghostface Killah!!!

So this came out a minute ago but we forgot to post it. As many of you know, Scion makes real shit cars. I mean, who wants to go around driving a fridge. One thing they did get right, is their marketing campaign. While their cars just make me feel like I'm driving a cheap Toyota to overcompensate the fact I'll never Tokyo Drift, their support for underground events in music and streetwear have been very important in the past two years. Do you remember that Mix Flousstradamous did for vice? Well, that was one of the many sponsored CDs Scion has put out bringing in the best new DJs in the industry. Well...and then there was this. Part of their remix series, they gave Ghostface Killah's "Charlie Brown" the "French" treatment. Remix duties here go to Ed Banger's DJ Mehdi, Relish's Yuksek, Kitsune's Guns & Bombs, and TTC's Orgasmic. really can't get more French than that right now. Anyways, the real treat here for me was the Yuksek remix but then again I ain't too picky. And don't forget to get "The Big Doe Rehab" yet another "Killah" Album (lol).

Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix)
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi Remix)
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Guns&Bombs Remix)
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Orgasmic Remix)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blog: Radio Sidekick!

First and foremost I'd like to thank our Swedish friends over at Radio Sidekick for the Shout Out today. If you haven't seen their blog before, it's kinda like your beloved Manifest Destitute, except better looking (i know, is that even possible?). Regardless, those dudes don't mess around, they keep themselves busy bringing you the newest shit and well..."A better Tomorrow". So now you know it, head over there and if you're ever in Sweden (or are from Sweden) keep an eye and your ears open....rumor has it they throw a Hell of a Party.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music/Event: BREK.ONE's Purpletape Mixtape!!!

Our Friend BREK.ONE's being mad busy lately. Every time he plays a venue, somehow he magically ends being booked for a different event, which means going down to NYC on very short notice. We met a while ago at a crazy loft party but couldn't get him to play since I had a line of untalented House DJ's breathing down my back to be next on the decks. In retrospect, I should have just let him tag with me....turns out the guy is an amazingly versatile DJ. Recently he gave us (EXCLUSIVELY!) a mixtape to share with y'all. Although his background is 100% Hip Hop, his purpletape mix is a mash-up of all things we love here at manifest destitute. Honestly, there's way too many highlights to even start counting. You gotta give it up to BREK.ONE, I never though I'd hear Yazoo and Ray Charles in the same mix. Well people I highly recommend you download this mix and trash the bandwidth because you'd be surprised how good this is. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise, but there's even a moment when Stardust is mashed with Nirvana!!! Enough with the preview though. Go git it and listen to it because "it's easy, easy like Sunday morning"....


ps: Kid Sister is in town again...go get your nails did and Catch her perform at Concepts Cambridge Tomorrow @5pm. She'll also be at the Z-Square Lounge later that night. Beats Courtesy of BREK.ONE & Ms. Thang!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Music: Bounce Bounce Bounce!!!

MSTRKRFT started 3 years ago as a side project for Jesse F. Keeler from Death From Above 1979 at the time when making a remix for "signed" indie-rock bands was still kinda cool. Well...a lot has changed in those 3 years. Pioneers of that bleepy electro sound so loved by hipsters these days, their debut album "the looks" was filled with heavy synth lines and enough 4 to the floor madness to tear clubs apart. Well... Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P are back and this time they didn't come alone. Their new single "Bounce" features N.O.R.E (...of recent Reggaeton fame) and Isis from Thunderheist. Jokes apart, Noreaga kills it and kinda reminds Hip-House back? You bet your ass it is!!! With all the cross-pollination going on in Dance music this was bound to happen sooner than later. (I'll post more about this re-occurring phenomenon later because it's so worth talking about it). In any case, Bounce is out now (digitally) on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and was probably already played in Redfoxx's Set last night at Hearthrob.