Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Music/Video: Maaadonna...(oh hell no!)

"Wait...all it really takes is 4 minutes to save the world? Madonna must be some sort of fucking genius. Why didn't i think of it first....wait how come NOBODY thought of it before? Well, I might not excel in brain matters but I am proud to say it only took me 40 seconds (too many) to realize I didn't want to spend 4 minutes listening to this. Madonna lets get some things straight. So you got your album produced by Kanye, Timbaland and Pharrell. You know who else did that? EVERYONE with a top40 hit!!! Plus why did it take you so long to do an "Urban" album? You might have had credentials in the 80's but today, you're just a 50 year-old woman who wears Ed Hardy and adopts babies. Besides that...why work with Timbaland and Pharrell? That's like choosing the easy way out. When there's hip hop talent out there like Spank Rock, Santagold or Kid Sister, why waste so much money for the same ol' Bhangra beats and a marching band? Gwen Stefani already did the "tic toc" and the marching band thing. What does it take to hear something original from you woman? With such a vibrant music scene going on, I expected more. You know what though... her album does look good on paper, but then again so do the New York Yankees. I wish I could give this single some credit...but you know, for someone who's had a thousand "15 minutes of fame", 4 minutes really didn't do shit." - Angry Music Fan

Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes (warner)
Madonna ft. Pharrell - Candy Shop (warner)

ps: WE HERE AT MANIFEST DESTITUTE LOVE MADONNA!!! (the opinions expressed above reflect only those of people with better judgment and self-respect...all of which we have none)