Thursday, July 31, 2008

Music: Streetwear companies like Mixtapes!!!

A couple months ago we saw NYC based brand 10 Deep sponsor Wale's "Mixtape about nothing". Well, now they are back with Kid Cudi to present you yet another mixtape. Similarly, Mishka also recently put out for download their first of a series of DJ Mixes. Featuring "Jokers of the Scene" from Canada, this first installment from "Keep Watch" is definitely one to download. Always at the forefront of streetwear, these two New York brands manage to catch the essence and culture of the scene by bringing an aesthetic from Hip Hop, an Attitude from Punk, and a sound that crossovers genres and expectations...and don't forget to check their clothes, they're Manifest Destitute guaranteed.

Sports: Goodbye Manny Ramirez...Thanks for Everything.

Goodbye Manny. It was nice while it lasted. The Story of Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox ended today at Fenway Park, exactly a month since hitting his 500th Home run in the Major Leagues. Ironic isn't it? Either way, Good luck in LA...send our regards to Nomar Garciaparra & Derek Lowe. Which remind me...time to take Theo out of my Christmas mailing list...little fucker.

sad...sad...Day for Red Sox Nation

Mr. 500...will join the Hall of Fame in a blue uniform now and that sucks!

Ahhh....Fuck Theo!!!

Event: Akult is Back to make ya groove...

This month's Akult is back with Resident Brendan Wesley bringing you the usual Disco grooves with special guest Alan Manzi rockin' a sublime tech combo. If this isn't the best way to start the month then I don' know what is. So bring your friends...even if Ben Sisto already invited them. See y'all there!!!

ft. Brendan Wesley & Alan Manzi
Friday, August 1st, 2008
28 Kingston St, Boston


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ad: Courage to be different...

It's amazing how W+K keeps coming up after all these years with interesting ads. Although their new campaign entitled "courage" doesn't really do anything extraordinary, it's still a great piece of advertising in what it tries to achieve. A collection of clips from the past and present, this video shows the intensity of sports and the hardships of its athletes fusing images of pain, glory, effort along with what has inspired Nike over the years. I could have done without the Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney images though...I mean, don't they still sponsor Maldini and Cantona?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Music/Event: PS1 Warmup (07.26.08)

Jesus, It seems like an eternity since we posted something on the blog and sadly it has been. But either way we're happy to be back and although it's been a crazy few weeks, we still managed to run away to New York for the weekend and catch some of DFA's finest over at PS1. With a full house in front of them, James Murphy and Pat Mahoney spun some Disco classics and early House to a crowd of "too cool for school" New Yorkers, Art lovers, overjoyed fans and some people just dancing to their own drum. Their Set resembled their mix for Fabric from earlier this year, but there is no doubt these two members of LCD Soundsystem are having a lot of fun behind the Technics, and we're glad we got to catch them in the act. Here are some pictures and video of the event for your delight...and ours of course. ps: check PS1 radio for the upcoming recording from the event here.
PS1: not your typical art gallery...
Full House..
Happy Birthday's your day man!
Pat Mahoney and James Murphy: Story of a drummer and a singer.
Stop faking being DJs...go make a kick-ass record already! (just kidding...)
Put your hands in the air!!!
Dancing on a Saturday afternoon
Catie and my Brother...official close-up photographers
James Murphy: The Producer, the Singer...the visionary. Still can't believe he's from Jersey.

clap clap clap your hands!!!

Fun Times...

Feels so good to me...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Video: Le foot c'est un sport sé seriously!

I was doing my daily ritual of reading blogs and sports news when I came across something that if you like football (not American but the one the rest of the world goes ape shit about), it's gonna make you laugh so hard you might wanna grab a diaper. Seriously, Monsieur Remi Gallard has some great skills and obviously the humor that most French footballers lack. Enjoy it and ease the pain of watching that recent Euro2008 offense to Spain, no offense Germany, but Turkey should have been the Champion...and Y'all know it!

ps: if you can't wait for the Olympics to start, check this one too...and this.
ps#2: I've got those same sneakers come it doesn't work with me...Nike, any thoughts?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music: Digitalism Live @ Rock Werchter

While we were here in Boston celebrating the annual fireworks on the Charles, Others were fortunate enough to be across pond and go to the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. With a line-up that included Hotchip, Justice, Soulwax, Moby, Jay-Z, Gnarles Barkley, The Verve, Radiohead, MGMT, Hercules & Love Affair, Beck, and many many others, this was probably THE Festival of the Summer... Well, even though we couldn't make it there at least we have a copy of Digitalism's performance to share with you.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Oh Snap!!!

So it's that time again to share some classic tunes with you guys... It's late right now and we just finished Spinning at a great party with Alan Manzi and Brenden Wesley. It ended a little early but there were some events that were uncalled for (and fucked up the night). In any case, It is 4th of July weekend and it's about time we celebrate. What better than to bring you Snap...the Philadelphia group that brought us smash hits like "Rhythm is a Dancer" and "I've got the Power" (got the power!) If this aren't enough fireworks for you...then you're probably living in Amish country!!! But seriously, God Bless America...for letting us party like we do.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Music: Dubbel Dutch (is that a weed reference?)

Dubbel Dutch might not be Amsterdam's finest weed, but they are definitely a duo producing some interesting Dubstep tracks. The Duo hailing from Austin TX (of all places) work as a tag team specializing in dubstep, bassline, breaks, electro, minimal, house and other bass heavy genres. Their Remix of Lil' Wayne's "Milli" is by far the best unofficial remix I've heard of the track, keepin' it "G" for all Dubsters out there. We recently had a conversation with them and asked them for their track "Victory". For some reason or another it reminded me of "Back-in-the-day" Leftfield. What happened to them anyway? Last I heard of them was their Rhythm and Stealth album. Well, If you're into the current Dubstep scene, a nice doze of Dubbel Dutch might not hurt...Drop the Lime certainly got the memo. Which reminds me, I gotta ask them to send me their "Chase Satan" track, cause it's some serious heat. I can't believe i missed it the first time around. Go peep it on their My Space....NOW!!!

Lil' Wayne - A Milli (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Dubbel Dutch - Victory