Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video: Holy Ghost - Hold My Breath

It seems like an eternity ago that we first wrote about Holy Ghost! It was the end 2007 and "Hold On" marked their first release on DFA [post-Automato]. That Track was perhaps their calling, not only an immersion into Disco, but most importantly into the Analog Synths that define their sound and their unique brand of Pop. In 2008 & 2009 they became the Remixers Du Jour, completing works for established artists like Moby & Cut Copy. Last Year it was their Break as Artists. Their trial at becoming a band and not just a production duo came pretty quickly. By the time they declared their Love for New Order in their "I will come back" Video, it was clear what was to come. Now in 2011, they have toured America once, and now going on their own as headliners. This Video for "Hold my Breath" is perhaps a good recollection of their story; The sort of tale that HBO's "How to make it in America" tries to convey to the masses and somehow misses the point. The Story of Holy Ghost! is not a coincidence...and for better or for worse, New York City stills seems to be that magical place. This Video is simply, more than just a testimony, it is in fact a reality.

Video: Chris James - Just For You feat. Egyptian Lover

Words of wisdom from the legendary Egyptian Lover & great beats from UK Producer Chris James. Shout out to our Boy Loopus Amadeus on the video editing. A producer himself, make sure you Check out his "NO MEJOR EP" Out now on DubNoir.

Chris James - Just For You feat. Egyptian Lover (out now on Semester Musik)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Video: Tensnake - Something About You

People: DJ Nitetrain

A True Boston Legend, Jerry Holloman Better Known as "DJ Nitetrain" is one of those characters you can never forget. Always with a huge smile on his face, his presence is always felt. For those who eat & breathe music, Chances are you've encounter Jerry more than once while looking for records at Looney Tunes in Back Bay. In fact, chances are he's found the record for you and suggested other gems you should take home. For most people, their experiences with the Nitetrain probably remain on the Subway, where Jerry Practices his sets charismatically to the cheerful audiences of the MBTA. Though for most, Jerry is a fun spectacle, to his credit, he is truly a great DJ and a living encyclopedia of Music. If you haven't had a chance to ever see him play, next time you see his name on a flyer, do yourself a favor and go Dance. Shout out to Thomas Lee. This was a great little documentary for a very large personality of our beloved Boston.

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