Monday, September 19, 2011

People: DJ Nitetrain

A True Boston Legend, Jerry Holloman Better Known as "DJ Nitetrain" is one of those characters you can never forget. Always with a huge smile on his face, his presence is always felt. For those who eat & breathe music, Chances are you've encounter Jerry more than once while looking for records at Looney Tunes in Back Bay. In fact, chances are he's found the record for you and suggested other gems you should take home. For most people, their experiences with the Nitetrain probably remain on the Subway, where Jerry Practices his sets charismatically to the cheerful audiences of the MBTA. Though for most, Jerry is a fun spectacle, to his credit, he is truly a great DJ and a living encyclopedia of Music. If you haven't had a chance to ever see him play, next time you see his name on a flyer, do yourself a favor and go Dance. Shout out to Thomas Lee. This was a great little documentary for a very large personality of our beloved Boston.

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