Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art/Event: Futura 2000 - Odyssey Two Exhibit

Odyssey Two, runs throughout Art Forum Berlin and highlights 20 years of urban art pioneer FUTURA 2000's work.

The show focuses on the dual themes of memory and the past, and the influence these have on an individual’s imagined world. Futura’s obsessions with space and hyperindustrial landscapes grew from his adolescence: a time when man first landed on the moon, and when the New York skyline soared with a mass of fresh skyscrapers. But the world in his pieces is entirely unique – a place that has developed in his mind over time, where remnants of earlier memories co-exist with imagined, abstract landscapes. Futura’s latest pieces show an artist comfortable in the world he has created, making accomplished works that use occasional, frenetic bursts of outline to perfectly convey mood, atmosphere and situation, as well as his trademark and iconic touches. Collectors will be able to buy an accessible selection of key pieces from Futura’s unique, imagined world: study pieces provide entry level works; there will be a trademark Pointman series and a limited edition print run. There will also be a small number of recent abstract canvases.

Some years ago we had the pleasure of working with him on a painting commissioned by Concepts Cambridge and the second video is in reality a good representation of his work process. Well...It's better to see it happen in person, but this is pretty good too. (The man holding the camera is Stash...another legend of New York City's original graffiti scene)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Event: Evolution (Building the House of House)

October 1st is gonna be a special day for fans of "Proper" House Music. It's seems like a gamble to have all these DJs but one things is for sure...the music comes first. Celebrating 30 years of House Music, Good Life has enlisted some of Boston's Best taste makers to let us know how it is that House has evolved since the 808 and the 303. So if House is your thing, but mostly if you like to Dance...Welcome to the Evolution.

Evolution: Building the House of House.
October 1st 2009 9pm- 2am
@ Good Life Bar.
28 kingston Street/ Downtown Boston
21+/ $5 Cover/ no dress code


Best known for his former residency COLOR and for his deep crates of ultra-rare and classic dance music spanning 35 years, Colbourne is an arbiter of the infectious grooves that include disco, funk, soul, boogie, and early house.
(http://djjosephcolbourne.podomatic.com )

Disc Jockey, producer and drummer. Dance floor demolition specialist. Connoisseur/purveyor of World Class Boogie and Fine Funk. Vinyl historian.

Roguewaves is a mix of two talented and different individuals, Justincredible and Zak Broman. An unfaltering love of dance music has resulted in a culmination of the rawest electro/ house sounds from multiple genres, backgrounds and pop subcultures.

an emerging and unique voice in the global underground club music scene.Barera has been spreading his gospel far and wide. His house and techno oriented sets, productions and remixes are characterized by a certain gritty soulfulness

As 1/2 of the Duo behind The Glow and an advocate of all things underground, his approach to Disco and House reflects two things: Playing fast and Playing loud.
(http://manifestdestitute.com )

DJ Bruno envisioned a perfect place beyond the Stuart Street building. He debuted UTOPIA at the Paradise Bar in Cambridge in 1992. Utopia’s reputation quickly spread as one of Boston House Music’s deepest underground parties as DJ Bruno and guests continue to drop records with the full relentless intention of blowing your mind and guaranteeing that not one person is left untouched! A room full of people singing together, dancing together, celebrating the joys of music as delivered by a serious dj.

Eli Wilkie is truly one of America's most exciting and floor shaking DJ/Production talents. Eli brings a fresh and exciting approach to dance music by fusing his signature charisma and party rockin ethics to bring to the dancefloor his 'signature' funky electrifying house music.

Hope to see ya there!!!

Music: Joe is Smooth and he's taking us to the promised land.

Brothers...Sisters...This is in my ears the ultimate House Track. No matter where you are or when this track is played, one thing is for sure; People are gonna be Clapping, Singing, Dancing and yes...sometimes even crying. There will be people embracing in Love and some even waiting to take someone home. At least in my humble and rather critical opinion, this track gives me the chills. Seriously, it might be the lyrics or maybe just the melody. Maybe it's that piano, maybe it's just everything. For Someone who called himself Joe Smooth, this track is not just cool...It's an Anthem...a Lifestyle...a Mantra. Call it whatever you want, For me, it's just simply the one song I wish could change the world.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Events: This Weekend @ Rise

Sometimes it's that kind of weekend at Rise...This week the one and only Tom Middleton. Next week John Dahlback...Are you Ready Boston? In the mean time, here's a mix from the last time Tom Middleton graced our beloved after hours spot. Mark Ingram in the Lounge. Get Excited!

Tom Middleton - Live @ Rise