Monday, December 31, 2007

Art: Lichiban!!!

On an effort to support our local artists, I want to introduce you to Lichiban, one of our best exports since clam chowder. Although she was born in Hungary, Licsi has established herself as one of the best artists in the Boston scene and has been deeply involved with the successful Legends of Style shows. Not only an awesome artist, she is also a great blogger. Check her blog here. Licsi, Good luck in NY!!!

Random: GO AMERICA!!!

As we approach the Democrat and Republican Primaries... I just wanted to share with everyone some awesome pieces of Americana i spotted while on Holiday in PA, Delaware and Jersey!!! Enjoy them and have a fierce New Year's Eve Drunken Good time!!! May this new year bring us less drama.

If only the U.N was this Bad Ass!!! For now...just on your ass.

This is like our post-911 Knight Rider with Dick Cheney as our David Hasselhoff.

Wait...Santa lives in Delaware?

Sustainability anyone? I don't think those are LED lights. Naughty Santa!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Music: Merry Rapping Christmas!!!!

Little history in case you didn't know...

Christmas Rappin' by Kurtis Blow: Download

This was the first Hip-Hop song released on a major label. Kurtis recorded this with the help of producers Robert Ford and J.B. Moore. They took it to Mercury Records, who signed Kurtis to a 2-single deal, under the condition that If both singles were successful, he would get an album deal. This was the first single, and it did very well. The second single was "The Breaks," and it became the first rap song to be certified as a gold record, selling over 500,000 copies. Kurtis got the album deal and became the first rapper signed to a major label.

Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC: Download

It's hard to believe Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" came out 20 years ago. The song was included on the 1987 A Very Special Christmas album, the first in a series of compilations to benefit the Special Olympics.

Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa by De La Soul: Download

Great rap single from 1991 with a message that definitely clashes with the season. Millie is the daughter of the singer's social worker, suffering sexual abuse at her father's hands. Dad has a side gig as a Macy's Santa; you can see where this is going. Powerful stuff, but you might not want to hoist eggnog toasts while it's playing.

Santa's Rap Party by Super Jay: Download

For Y'all Disco heads, here's an underground pearl...courtesy of Peter Brown. He first came to fame with the first million-selling 12" dance single, "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me." Brown was a pioneer in home recording, having recorded his seminal hit in his bedroom. (His '70s-era home recording studio is pictured on the cover of Westside/DNA's Get Funky With Me: The Best of the TK Years.) He also co-wrote Madonna's 1985 pop hit, "Material Girl,". Not too bad huh.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Film: Electroma is Electrocrappy!!!

So, i know this is gonna upset many Daft Punk fans, specially all the 19 year old new-rave/ French-electro American Apparel neon-hipsters, BUT THIS MOVIE WAS BAD!!! I don't care if Vice is advertising and paying for all those midnight screening, THIS MOVIE BLEW!!! I love Daft Punk as much as anyone else out there, but this is like if Santa brought you a pair of socks and what you really wanted was Super Mario 3 for your Nintendo. But seriously, who puts Brian Eno in a soundtrack anymore? I really thought Daft Punk were all about the future, and they ended up compiling a soundtrack that sounded more like Air Supply than Air. No wonder the two robots kill themselves in the end (hahaha....i gave away the ending). Those two need to stick to music. Maybe Now that they got the movie itch off their back, they can go back to making music that sounds like robots, and let other people sound like the 70's. Also...NO DRUGS MADE THIS MOVIE don't do any. DRINK RED BULL and make up the dialog as you go...because there isn't any!!!). You might be thinking: "wow, this dude's an asshole!!!" and you're right by all means to think that, but you'll be feeling like one too after sitting through about an hour of this!!! In the end, it's a pity Electroma wasn't what I expected (and i'm sure people loved it), but the truth is when you see these two Live, up on the flashy pyramid you really feel like they are the best that there ever was. Let's be honest with ourselves though, THIS MOVIE DIDN'T MEASURE UP!, and they are Human after all....

Ah....The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Music: Holy Ghosts@Goodlife!!!

Tomorrow at Goodlife, DJ Set by Holy Ghosts(DFA Records). Go Downtown and Dance your winter shoes off!!! Opening Set by Goodlife Regulars Brenden Wesley & Scott Bliss. Dress Hot, Nicky Digital will be there taking pictures!!! NO COVER!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Art: Celebrating the Legacy of DONDI WHITE!!!

Converse and Bodega will present: "Archeology Rewards". A collection of art work by the late "Style Master General" Dondi White, in celebration of his life and the influence on Converse (PRODUCT) RED. The Showing will happen this Saturday December 15th from 7:30 to 10:30pm. Arrive there early, there will be a lot of people and you don't want to miss this.

Born in the East New York section of Brooklyn, where Graffiti became a serious part of Dondi's life in the early 70's. For the next 20 odd years, Dondi became recognized as the stylistic standard, influencing a generation of graffiti writers. His most famous work was Children of the Grave part 1, 2 and 3, three whole cars in the New York subway in the years 1978-1980. After complications, Dondi died of AIDS on October 2nd, 1998. In April 2003, the Dondi White Foundation was created to raise funds to support educational programs on HIV/AIDS prevention and services aimed to improve the lives of those affected by AIDS.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Music/Fashion: Acapulco Gold

New York based Acapulco Gold has come out with some sweet stuff just in time for yo momma to put them under the Christmas Tree. (wait what...i meant Santa!!) Go to their website and check out their Fall/Winter Collection. Be sure to check out "The Breaks" Tee, it's far cheaper than getting one of Jeanette's prints. Now available at Concepts and other selected stores around you. Hold sure to download a copy of their Mix CD here and Boogie down like it's 1979!!!

Art/Fashion: Futura 2000

Just in: Concepts Cambridge is now carrying Futura Laboratories! For those who are not familiar with Futura's work, he is one of the most influential graffiti artists. A contemporary of Keith Harring and Basquiat, Futura is one of the few artists from that era that is still with us. In the music scene he has been a sought-after artist and has collaborated with The Clash, while more recently he's provided all the imagery to James Lavelle's UNKLE projects. Today, Futura travels the world spreading his work from gallery to gallery and has been an active figure in Streetwear and Sneaker culture. For those of you hypebeasts, this might just sound silly, but for everyone else, i just wanted to express my admiration for this man's homo.

FUTURA "repro" (part 1/6) 1m x 1m X 6

DJ Mehdi - Breakaway

He signed my copy of Psyence Fiction!!!
and wait for it...wait for it, he also signed my Never, Never, Land copy!!! How lucky am I?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Music: DO THE D.A.N.C.E keeps coming back!!!

Just when all the Blogs were getting swamped with shit remixes of D.A.N.C.E , this little thing showed up from "Brooklyn Heaven". Give DC Native Wale some credit for being the first to spit some sick lines over the B.E.A.T, but this just goes to prove even the big boys wanna fuck wit it. D.A.N.C.E. was Definitely single of the year, no questions asked. Best label of the year?...well probably Ed Banger (Paris) , with Modular (Australia) at a close second. Next year?...I'm gonna put my money on DFA again...

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Benny Blanco Remix ft. Spank Rock and Mos Def)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random: Beerhead!!!

You saw it first here!!! Any minute till those suckas put it in a Superbowl Ad.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Art: Once upon a time there was a panda bear...

You might have seen him around the block...

...and at your favorite neighbor"hood" Bar!!!

...currently in my kitchen. keep your eyes open though.