Thursday, December 13, 2007

Art/Fashion: Futura 2000

Just in: Concepts Cambridge is now carrying Futura Laboratories! For those who are not familiar with Futura's work, he is one of the most influential graffiti artists. A contemporary of Keith Harring and Basquiat, Futura is one of the few artists from that era that is still with us. In the music scene he has been a sought-after artist and has collaborated with The Clash, while more recently he's provided all the imagery to James Lavelle's UNKLE projects. Today, Futura travels the world spreading his work from gallery to gallery and has been an active figure in Streetwear and Sneaker culture. For those of you hypebeasts, this might just sound silly, but for everyone else, i just wanted to express my admiration for this man's homo.

FUTURA "repro" (part 1/6) 1m x 1m X 6

DJ Mehdi - Breakaway

He signed my copy of Psyence Fiction!!!
and wait for it...wait for it, he also signed my Never, Never, Land copy!!! How lucky am I?