Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events: The Glow

Ok, I realize this blog has been sort of dropping the ball lately, and we would like to deeply apologize for that. It seems like anything we post recently is for promotional purposes, and frankly that's not why we started this blog...it's still and always will be about the tunes, it just happens that we've got friends who know a couple of things about the subject when they DJ. Anyways, we will be correcting this recent slack-o-rama with some Lazy Sundays and new stuff we've been hoping to share with you...please be patient.

But anyways, guess who's Spinning at the Midway Cafe in JP tomorrow? That's Right...US!!! so come over and expect a full blown dance Party cause DJ Golden Touch and me will most definitely bring a shit ton of records to play for you tomorrow night. If you like Post Punk mixed with some Disco Punk, then you'll enjoy what I play. If you like some Electro/B-Club, then Golden Touch's got that for you. We both sneak into House Music through the Back Door (no dirty jokes please!), so expect some Old School Acid and some newer hits. Basically we are gonna see you dance and play to keep you dancing. So there you go...Bring your friends/date/sister/co-workers and come have some fun. I guarantee you will not regret it...at least till the morning (hehe)...oh yeah, did we mention we like Disco too?

The Glow: Special April Fools Edition!
w/ DJ Golden Touch and Yours truly
@The Midway Cafe
3496 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA (duh)
21+/NO COVER..just Dance!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Event: Disco-nnection!!!


Another month and another night of Disco. Now on it's third installment, we can proudly say that this is Boston's only true Underground Disco night. This month, Mr. Joseph Colbourne joins DJ Supreme One and Brenden Wesley to complete what should be an excellent night to get down and boogie. So come on out to the Middlesex Lounge tonight and let's get on the Dance floor....And a promised, here's the Special Disco Mix courtesy of Joseph Colbourne.

Listen: Joseph Colbourne - The Message in the music (Special Disco Mix)

Breakwater - Say You Love Me Girl
Tony Love - My Feelings Will Never Change
Direct Hit - Make the Most of What You Got
Le'o Roy - Pound for Pound
Joe Coleman - Get it Off the Ground
Ray Barretto - Stargazer
Executive Force - Rock Your Body
Fishburn and Francis - Give Me Some Love (Right Now)
Halloween - Come See What Its All About
AllSpice - Love Fire
Vandales - Feelin Freaky
Nate Calhoun - Funktown
Korja - My Mind (Instr.)
Mark IV - If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
James Otis White - Baby Come On
Rah Band - Downside Up
Players Association - We're Almost There
Gloster Williams and Master Control - No Cross No Crown

w/ Dj Supreme One
Brenden Wesley +
Special Guest:
Joseph Colbourne!
@Middlesex Lounge
21+/no cover

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Event: Juan Maclean @ Make it New!!!

Shit...this one we were not ready for, but thank god someone gave us a heads up. A couple weeks ago we wrote about The Juan Maclean's new album and like anything DFA records puts out, it's pretty much fire on top of fire. So if you are curious to hear another track from it read below and head over to the Middlesex Lounge tonight. Expect a set full of Techno, Jacking House and possibly even some Disco....Nice!

Juan Maclean - The Simple Life (DFA)

The Juan Maclean
DJ Set @ Make It New
with David Day
Alan Manzi & Djezus
Middlesex Lounge

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Event: The House Sound of XL

For the past 4 months, Brenden Wesley and John Barera have brought us a taste of the House Sound of Chicago with their monthly residency at the enormous room. This month, they will host Bob Diesel, a fixture in the Local House Scene for over 20 years now. As part of Boston's House Music Coalition, Bob without a doubt will dig into that old school sound we've been craving back here in Boston. And while we wait for another Special Akult night...we proudly present you a fourth night of XL!

Akult Presents: XL
w/Brenden Wesley
John Barera + Special Guest:
Bob Diesel
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
9:00pm - 1:00am
Enormous Room
Central Square

And Speaking of Legendary DJ's and that Chicago Sound...take a good listen to this:

Special Mix: Farley Jackmaster Funk - Jack Party Volume 1.
(courtesy of the folks at Beatelectric!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Event: Maurice Fulton @ Phoenix Landing (03.08.09)

It's been a rough week here at Manifest Destitute since our Digital Mistress that is our MacBook Pro took a hit for us. Now her pretty Screen is broken and I'm afraid she might have to go on retirement or simply become a stay at home mom. Either way we still love her and although she no longer can sit on my lap, our heart goes out to her...Oh the tears.

But on a different note, tomorrow is a special night for all electronic music aficionados in our little city of Boston! The one and only Maurice Fulton will be joining us at the Phoenix Landing for his first appearance in Boston. Currently, Maurice might be best know for his Syclops project on DFA Records, but trust me when we tell you that his curriculum runs deep when it comes to production. Maurice is an anomaly in the electronic music scene. He has been around the block in more ways than one, not only did he have a hand in producing Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters, one of the most successful house tunes of the early '90s; he is the darling of both the underground house and leftfield scenes with an enviable back catalogue.With an approach to production close to that of a Mad Scientist, Maurice is an Institution when it comes electronic and House music. As a DJ, his first love is Funk but recently we've seen him drop more Disco and Boogie so we know the Music is gonna just how we like it on a Lazy Sunday. Opening Sets by Brenden Wesley (Solar Disco) and Jason B (Bonanza).

Hot Chip - Over and Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)

Mu - Paris Hilton (Output)
The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers (Maurice Fulton Remix)

Maurice Fulton Live @
Phoenix Landing
512 Mass Ave.
Central Sq/Cambridge
19+ event
DOORS OPEN at 9p.m.
(get there early capacity is limited)
$10 cover before 11
$15 after 11
Drink specials all night provided by Perfect Vodka

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music: I'm obsessed with L.S.B!!!

L.S.B. are BabyG and Pete Herbert. Love at First sight, these two met in BabyG’s native Barcelona whilst Pete was on DJ duties. "A meeting of musical minds, the two connected straight away and shortly after formed L.S.B. with a view to world domination and rocking discotheques along the way"... and they did!!! In 2004 they released their first record “L.S.B. edits Vol 1” on their label Superdiscoteca and in 2006 the first L.S.B. single “Original Highway Delight” was released as a limited white label on Eskimo. In 2007 the second Eskimo single “FOG” was released to an even bigger reception as well as the second LP of “L.S.B. Edits” on Superdiscoteca that sold out the first week it arrived to the shops (have fun finding one!). What can we say, it's hard to pick a favorite out of the Eskimo roster, but here at Manifest Destitute we kinda love L.S.B. (and check out their remix of Brooklyn Jam...it's pretty dope too!) Get their Singles from Forced Exposure NOW!

L.S.B - Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
Runaway - Brooklyn Jam (L.S.B Remix)

and now our Lazy Sunday part of it...late as usual.

Last year L.S.B released their third single on Eskimo titled Locomotion. no it's got nothing to do with Kiley Minogue or the Carole King song from the 60's. It's slightly more embarrassing than that (but yet we absolutely love it!!!). In the late 80's/90's, there was a sexually ambiguous band from Spain called Locomia that pretty much popularized House music throughout Latin America and Spain. Their debut album Taiyo sold over a million copies and their sophomore effort hit 800,000!!! However as much as the music sold, the band was probably more famous for their ridiculous costumes. They often appeared in extravagant outfits that combined Spanish matador pants with frilly jackets all eighteenth-century style. Fan-twirling was kinda their thing even if it looked funny to all the Ultra Macho conservative types. Whatever, we gotta give them credit because no mater what, they made a huge impact in Dance culture. Not to brag or anything, but I bet Justin Miller didn't even know that!!! In your face Cosmo Vitelli! Eat your heart out Optimo!!! Just kidding... I'm just happy I grew up in Mexico to be able to pick up that Locomotion is just an Edit of Locomia's well...Locomia! Enjoy it. Disco Ibiza Locomia!!!

Sample: L.B.S - Locomotion (eskimo)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Music/Blog: Silly Kisser are from Mexico...nice!

It's always nice when you check your email and find out international relations are not all that bad. Our friends from the Silly Kissers crew sent us a pretty awesome mix all the way from Mexico, but to be honest with you, the selection of tracks was so right on I would have thought it was from one of those Scandinavian blogs. The Self proclaimed Silly Kissers, blog not just about music but stay current with the world of Fashion because let's face it, when the music is this good you gotta look good too. So if you are trying to practice your Spanish I'd suggest to drop the Rosetta Stone and get down with the Silly Kissers. (Ok, finish Rosetta Stone the go read their blog). I gotta say- next time I'm down there on Vacation, they are definitely people I'd like to get a tour of Mexico City from.

Download: Silly Kissers - Disco Olímpico

Tiergarten (Supermayer Remix) - Rufus Wainwright
Aming Nebere (Joakim Remix) - Clashing Egos
Don't Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Cortney Tidwell
Rushing To Paradise (Walking These Streets) - House Of House
I Can't Stop Loving You - Jonas Bering
Deer In The Headlight (Radio Slave Remix) - Chelonis R. Jones
Disko (You Don't Care) - Superpitcher
Happy House - The Juan MacLean
Tribulations (Lindstrøm Remix) - LCD Soundsystem
Tonight's Today (Extended Mix) - Jack Peñate

On a separate note, make sure you take a good look at the House of House track cause it's causing a commotion in the underground. Released on "Whatever We Want Records" House Of House is a New York City-based dance music duo of Saheer Umar (Super Family) and Olivier “Liv” Spencer (Still Going, DFA). "Not content with the zeitgeist of the city’s dance music scene, House Of House was formed to inject a grandiose and soul-searing bit of drama onto the dance floor, a lost element that made legends of the great clubs of yesteryear. Influenced by the classic sounds of New York and New Jersey Deep House, seminal Techno outfits like Basic Channel and Underground Resistance and the soulful sounds of Imagination, Womack & Womack and Sade." Seriously, Mark E Quark claims that the records was going on ebay for a $1000 or maybe $100? Either way, the cheapest copy in the market is around $50 so you know this is a pretty special track. Compliments to the Silly Kissers for putting it on their Mix. If you are interested, get it on preorder here! (be quick...there were only 600 released world-wide!!!) I'm set...mine's on the mails as you read this. yay!

ps: Mark E Quark killed It at the Phoenix Landing to a brave crowd that obviously has no fear of the weather when it comes to superb music. And Next Sunday, get there early cause the One and Only Maurice Fulton is in the House!!! and check the Dig this week...we are gonna have a 3/5 ad so you know this one is gonna be L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y!!!!

film: Holy Crap...it's Psycho Brad Pitt!!!

...and we can't wait! Tarantino's movies are usually a hit or miss for me and yet i still watch 'em. Deathproof would have been ok had that big ass monologue not been there with the camera always panning down on that chick wearing sandals. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that he has a foot fetish and all, but I am guessing the only feet we are gonna see in "Inglorious Basterds" are the ones flying along with severed arms and so on and so forth. I'm curious to see the movie mostly because it'll probably stop me from staying at home watching the History Channel and yet another documentary on WWII...seriously though, what's next? a romantic comedy about a man who falls in love with a trany? I would hope so...I'd watch that if it starred Hugh Grant.