Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music: I'm obsessed with L.S.B!!!

L.S.B. are BabyG and Pete Herbert. Love at First sight, these two met in BabyG’s native Barcelona whilst Pete was on DJ duties. "A meeting of musical minds, the two connected straight away and shortly after formed L.S.B. with a view to world domination and rocking discotheques along the way"... and they did!!! In 2004 they released their first record “L.S.B. edits Vol 1” on their label Superdiscoteca and in 2006 the first L.S.B. single “Original Highway Delight” was released as a limited white label on Eskimo. In 2007 the second Eskimo single “FOG” was released to an even bigger reception as well as the second LP of “L.S.B. Edits” on Superdiscoteca that sold out the first week it arrived to the shops (have fun finding one!). What can we say, it's hard to pick a favorite out of the Eskimo roster, but here at Manifest Destitute we kinda love L.S.B. (and check out their remix of Brooklyn Jam...it's pretty dope too!) Get their Singles from Forced Exposure NOW!

L.S.B - Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
Runaway - Brooklyn Jam (L.S.B Remix)

and now our Lazy Sunday part of it...late as usual.

Last year L.S.B released their third single on Eskimo titled Locomotion. no it's got nothing to do with Kiley Minogue or the Carole King song from the 60's. It's slightly more embarrassing than that (but yet we absolutely love it!!!). In the late 80's/90's, there was a sexually ambiguous band from Spain called Locomia that pretty much popularized House music throughout Latin America and Spain. Their debut album Taiyo sold over a million copies and their sophomore effort hit 800,000!!! However as much as the music sold, the band was probably more famous for their ridiculous costumes. They often appeared in extravagant outfits that combined Spanish matador pants with frilly jackets all eighteenth-century style. Fan-twirling was kinda their thing even if it looked funny to all the Ultra Macho conservative types. Whatever, we gotta give them credit because no mater what, they made a huge impact in Dance culture. Not to brag or anything, but I bet Justin Miller didn't even know that!!! In your face Cosmo Vitelli! Eat your heart out Optimo!!! Just kidding... I'm just happy I grew up in Mexico to be able to pick up that Locomotion is just an Edit of Locomia's well...Locomia! Enjoy it. Disco Ibiza Locomia!!!

Sample: L.B.S - Locomotion (eskimo)