Monday, March 2, 2009

film: Holy's Psycho Brad Pitt!!!

...and we can't wait! Tarantino's movies are usually a hit or miss for me and yet i still watch 'em. Deathproof would have been ok had that big ass monologue not been there with the camera always panning down on that chick wearing sandals. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that he has a foot fetish and all, but I am guessing the only feet we are gonna see in "Inglorious Basterds" are the ones flying along with severed arms and so on and so forth. I'm curious to see the movie mostly because it'll probably stop me from staying at home watching the History Channel and yet another documentary on WWII...seriously though, what's next? a romantic comedy about a man who falls in love with a trany? I would hope so...I'd watch that if it starred Hugh Grant.