Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events: The Glow

Ok, I realize this blog has been sort of dropping the ball lately, and we would like to deeply apologize for that. It seems like anything we post recently is for promotional purposes, and frankly that's not why we started this blog...it's still and always will be about the tunes, it just happens that we've got friends who know a couple of things about the subject when they DJ. Anyways, we will be correcting this recent slack-o-rama with some Lazy Sundays and new stuff we've been hoping to share with you...please be patient.

But anyways, guess who's Spinning at the Midway Cafe in JP tomorrow? That's Right...US!!! so come over and expect a full blown dance Party cause DJ Golden Touch and me will most definitely bring a shit ton of records to play for you tomorrow night. If you like Post Punk mixed with some Disco Punk, then you'll enjoy what I play. If you like some Electro/B-Club, then Golden Touch's got that for you. We both sneak into House Music through the Back Door (no dirty jokes please!), so expect some Old School Acid and some newer hits. Basically we are gonna see you dance and play to keep you dancing. So there you go...Bring your friends/date/sister/co-workers and come have some fun. I guarantee you will not regret it...at least till the morning (hehe)...oh yeah, did we mention we like Disco too?

The Glow: Special April Fools Edition!
w/ DJ Golden Touch and Yours truly
@The Midway Cafe
3496 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA (duh)
21+/NO COVER..just Dance!