Saturday, April 11, 2009

Events: OPEN IS OPEN!!!'s no secret that the folks at Open Bicycle finally opened their doors for business. After months of hard work the shop is up and running and ready to impress you with their dedication to make of Boston a destination for all Bicycle Aficionados. The Grand opening is Today and what better way to start than with An Art opening and a film Premiere. The Folks over at Open did not just settle for a shop, their master plan included a Gallery, a Workshop and a Design Studio. I gotta say...this pair of over caffeinated workaholics were not all talk after all, and let's face it, the results kinda speak for themselves. So head over to Union Square (Somerville) and check out what's been on the tongue of all those cyclists for the past 6 months. Here's the program of events:

OPEN Grand Opening in Union Square!
285 Washington St. at the corner of Hawkins St.
Somerville, MA

Some insane frames, Tune-Up Specials and lots of other goodies - Support your local bike shop!

7PM : CHORUS Gallery Reception
We have an entire stand-alone gallery! Hanging photographs from Justin J. Keena. Show hangs April 11 - May 15. Support your artists!
9PM : Macaframa Premiere!!!!
Yes kids, its what you've all been waiting for...the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville premiere of Macaframa! We've had this up our sleeve for quite some time now, so get ready...
10-ish PM : Quick Criterium, Footdowns, Tricks, Etc.
May the best win, maybe we will give out something, maybe we won't. Its all in good fun.
12 PM : After Party in Union Square at some bar, we'll let you know. Bring a few bucks and some Tylenol.

Painting courtesy of yours truly!