Monday, December 17, 2007

Film: Electroma is Electrocrappy!!!

So, i know this is gonna upset many Daft Punk fans, specially all the 19 year old new-rave/ French-electro American Apparel neon-hipsters, BUT THIS MOVIE WAS BAD!!! I don't care if Vice is advertising and paying for all those midnight screening, THIS MOVIE BLEW!!! I love Daft Punk as much as anyone else out there, but this is like if Santa brought you a pair of socks and what you really wanted was Super Mario 3 for your Nintendo. But seriously, who puts Brian Eno in a soundtrack anymore? I really thought Daft Punk were all about the future, and they ended up compiling a soundtrack that sounded more like Air Supply than Air. No wonder the two robots kill themselves in the end (hahaha....i gave away the ending). Those two need to stick to music. Maybe Now that they got the movie itch off their back, they can go back to making music that sounds like robots, and let other people sound like the 70's. Also...NO DRUGS MADE THIS MOVIE don't do any. DRINK RED BULL and make up the dialog as you go...because there isn't any!!!). You might be thinking: "wow, this dude's an asshole!!!" and you're right by all means to think that, but you'll be feeling like one too after sitting through about an hour of this!!! In the end, it's a pity Electroma wasn't what I expected (and i'm sure people loved it), but the truth is when you see these two Live, up on the flashy pyramid you really feel like they are the best that there ever was. Let's be honest with ourselves though, THIS MOVIE DIDN'T MEASURE UP!, and they are Human after all....

Ah....The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY!!!