Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Music: NEW WAVE HOOKERS ain't just Bitches!

We might not have the writing or musical insight of David Day, but here at Manifest Destitute, we pride ourselves for bringing you the "best of the fresh" in this little town people call Boston (well, Basstown for those who are cool & with it). One thing we do have though is a COPY of Brenden Wesley's "New Wave Hookers EP". After two years circulating in the shadows, Brenden's Hookers finally get to see the light outside the Champagne room. Out now exclusively on Beatport through Cambridge's own Headtunes, New Wave Hookers is a throwback to that early eighties electro-disco and post-punk sound. If you've ever listened to Morgan Geist, you know exactly what i'm talking about. Very much like the Cult Porn film it takes inspiration from, The French edit keeps the dancefloor aroused enough to promise an after-party where clothes are left at the door. If you're more into tech-house though, then McSleazy's tickler is what you need under the sheets. Bringing those sexy heavy synths into the mix makes us think someone had an affair with Juan...not Atkins, but Mclean. But let's be honest...people might consider Mr. Wesley an up-and comer in the Boston scene, but he ain't no stranger when it comes FUNK. His monthly night at Akult is enough to back that up, and make the girls "back their ass-up". We've listened to this track on repeat now...and it's good we might head over to the video rental place (you know, the one with the Pink VIP section in the back).

Brenden Wesley - New Wave Hookers (
Version Fran├žais)
Brenden Wesley - New Wave Hookers (French Tickler)

New Wave Hookers EP out now on Beatport.