Friday, April 11, 2008

Music: Bumblebeez are like Killah Beez but from Australia

A few years ago at the height of Disco Punk, there was a little band from Australia doing things a little different. Mixing an edgy rock vibe with slick Hip Hop cheekiness, they kinda were doing what the Über hipster are doing today. With Standout tracks like "Fluffy white Rabbit" and MTV friendly "Pony Ride", Blumblebeez 81 had a bright future ahead of them...and then out of nowhere they disappeared just as quickly as they had come into the scene. But then again that was 2004 and all people were still talking about was House of Jealous Lovers. Well...Now in 2008 they are back, and after signing to the mighty modular label (and dropping the "81"), It is without a doubt their time to shine. Their sound has decisively become more dance-floor friendly for y'all hip dancers and sexy danseuses to shake your bums. Their album Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill has been out for a minute now but certainly worth revisiting. Be sure to check out the intro to Dr. Love because it's fucking genius. Also out now...their new single Rio with a noisy but effective remix by "crunk funk" Italian duo Crookers. No need to say more...this is Manifest Destitute certified people.

Bumblebeez - Dr. Love (Modular) Buy Here!
Bumblebeez - Rio (Modular) Buy Here!
Bumblebeez - Rio Crookers Remix (Modular) Buy Here!

One ill crew...

ps: And don't forget this Disco Classic!!!