Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music: Munk

Not to be mistaken with our generation's Columbo, Munk is actually a musician/ designer hailing from Germany. As half of the creative genius behind disco-funk Label Gomma, Munk's first album featured guest appearances from James Murphy and Princess Superstar. In anticipation to the release of his follow up album, his new single "LIVE FAST! DIE OLD!" will surely become a DJ's favorite with remixes from DFA's Juan Mclean, Ed Bangers Chief Busy P, Gomma's own Who made Who and Headman, as well as Baile Funk hero The Amazing Clay. Like that wasn't enough remix gold, the single most importantly will feature the Oral services/ vocals of Hot Italian actress/director/dj? Asia Argento (yeah...the one with the angel tattoo near her private lady parts....and yes, you nerdy fans of gory horror flicks will probably recognize her as the daughter of Italian Film Maestro Dario Argento). "Live Fast, Die Old" out later this month.