Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Pump up the Volume! Pump up the Volume!

I'm gonna be somewhat busy in the next couple of weeks but I wanted to leave you guys a little treat anyway. If you haven't seen this documentary or ever wondered what the hell is the difference between Techno, House and all that stuff you hear on commercials, then this will be straight up informational. Pump of the Volume follows the evolution of house music from its birth in Chicago to that Pepsi commercial at the super bowl. Born out of the ashes of Disco, House music was destined to change the world (and it did). This film follows that progression from the underground to the mainstream through countless interviews with the people who made it all happen. I predict after watching this you will go buy some Trax compilation online...I wouldn't blame you. But really...why do British people make better TV than we do? (actually, scratch that...we have David Carusso)

So enjoy it (it's divided here in 15 parts thanks to magic that is Youtube) Parts 5 to 9 later this week
ps. You might want to rent this movie by the same's got Christian Slater (and he's not crazy)

Part 1 of 15 (The Paradise Garage)

Part 2 of 15 (The Warehouse)

Part 3 of 15 (The Music Box)

Part 4 of 15 (Early House Hits)