Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Music: The General is Back!!!

In the 90's Big Beat took the UK by storm, and although Wall of Sound brought artist like Les Rythmes Digitales and the Propellerheads to the charts, it was Fatboy Slim and SKINT that really stood up as the "it" Big Beat Label. As Norman Cook became the most successful DJ in the planet, the label kept producing hit after hit, and in my opinion kinda losing their appeal in the process. But life is like that and the industry unforgiving. Here at Manifest Destitute however WE FIRMLY BELIEVE IN COMEBACKS, and it's for that reason that we are happy to see that Damian Harris aka Midfield General is back. He comes back with a record SO relevant to today's scene that it barely resembles the Skint days. After having run that label for 11 years, the General finally went back to what he loved best....Making Music. Like many who travel to Paris for inspiration, he found exactly that "je ne sais quoi" he needed to finish an album he'd been working on for 8 years. While in paris, he also provided a Remix for Krazy Baldheads’ track Crazy Moth3f2ck8z (Ed Banger). In my opinion, it was better than the original.

His first single "Disco Sirens" is produced by Xavier de Rosnay
from Justice, mixed by Soulwax and features vocals by Vila from the Bumblebeez. With mixes from Boy 8-Bit, Chicken Lips and D.I.M. this is sure to become one of the big hits of the year. However, the standout track for me so far has been 137 Piano. An almost dub-step track that steps up the tempo with a light breakbeat feel. I definitely recommend that one. Disco Sirens out now. General Disarray out later this month.

Midfield General - 137 Piano (Skint)
Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Buy Here!!! or Here!)

Midfield General: Not to be mistaken for "El General"