Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music/Event: BREK.ONE's Purpletape Mixtape!!!

Our Friend BREK.ONE's being mad busy lately. Every time he plays a venue, somehow he magically ends being booked for a different event, which means going down to NYC on very short notice. We met a while ago at a crazy loft party but couldn't get him to play since I had a line of untalented House DJ's breathing down my back to be next on the decks. In retrospect, I should have just let him tag with me....turns out the guy is an amazingly versatile DJ. Recently he gave us (EXCLUSIVELY!) a mixtape to share with y'all. Although his background is 100% Hip Hop, his purpletape mix is a mash-up of all things we love here at manifest destitute. Honestly, there's way too many highlights to even start counting. You gotta give it up to BREK.ONE, I never though I'd hear Yazoo and Ray Charles in the same mix. Well people I highly recommend you download this mix and trash the bandwidth because you'd be surprised how good this is. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise, but there's even a moment when Stardust is mashed with Nirvana!!! Enough with the preview though. Go git it and listen to it because "it's easy, easy like Sunday morning"....


ps: Kid Sister is in town again...go get your nails did and Catch her perform at Concepts Cambridge Tomorrow @5pm. She'll also be at the Z-Square Lounge later that night. Beats Courtesy of BREK.ONE & Ms. Thang!!!