Monday, April 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday becomes Samples Monday

I had a whole segment planned for Today and tomorrow, but when I was listening to Crystal Waters last night I realized how important that song was for us here at Manifest Destitute. If you listen to the Radio (and apparently I don't enough), You probably recognize those same Keyboards in T.I.'s "Why You Wanna". It's actually very well produced and almost sounds like early neptunes production, but there was something else odd about just happens that T.I. also samples (in my opinion) the most beautiful song in all of Janet's Catalog. "Got Till It's Gone" has a vibe that is almost anthem-like and the continuous switch between Janet and Q-Tip is in my mind one of the best collaborations ever. But what makes this song so special despite a Joni Mitchel and an inspired Tip, is the way in which Dilla's Production captures the essence of everyone involved. Also, how can you forget the video. I know Romanek has directed some incredible video's, but this is up there right with Closer and 99 Problems. It is so rare these days for a mainstream song to carry such a presence it feels blessed. What I'm really trying to say here with all this ranting, is that music is beautiful, and that's why we are so passionate about it. I'm not by any means a music historian and neither would i want to, but i'm just glad I got to share this with you. Kinda funny how music sometimes can be like playing six degrees of Separation.

(J.DILLA R.I.P, Thank you for all the music)