Monday, February 16, 2009

Event: Erik B's House of fame!!!

For all of you that have stayed in Boston past your college graduation, chances are that at some point you've run into DJ Erik B at one of the following: 1. The T 2. Newbury Street 3. Avalon 4. Goodlife 5. Your little sisters loft party. Maybe this is not the case, but as far as I can remember, Erik B has always been at every Dance music-related event I can remember happening in this town. As a DJ, I can always recall Erik carrying a shoulder bag full of records every time I randomly ran into him on the street. A friendly and charismatic Character, Erik B was a one-time fixture at Avalon’s Techno, House and Dance parties at a time when Avalon could bring in the biggest names in the Industry making Boston a destination for DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Oakenfold, Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. Perhaps this screams like the 90's but that was definitely the Golden Age of DJ culture in America.

But enough about the past. Let's keep on moving. Today Erik B is taking over All Asia Cafe in Cambridge for a new, bi-weekly night called "House of Fame". This my friends is an interesting concept geared as a DJ industry night for vinyl purists looking to hear everything from house and trance to classic club tracks and electro bangers - all on wax...yes that "black crack" he calls Vinyl!!! Don’t expect to see any laptop DJs sporting Serrato and playing mp3s. House of Fame will also include a DJ co-operative, where all DJs who support the night will be booked for a future party. Today’s launch party features Justin Carr and Tommy P as well as residents Erik B, Keith Kene and Driftski. Boston own House legend "DJ Bruno" rolls up on March 19.

House of Fame at the All Asia Cafe, Cambridge, at 9 p.m.; $5, 21-plus.

Download: Erik B (Beast R) - Relax More