Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday: San Salavdor!!!

The Concacaf World Cup qualifying games have started and although I would never wish for El Salvador to beat my dearest Seleccion Azteca, their Capital does share the name of one of the greatest Disco tracks of all time. Azoto's San Salvador borders that 90% of Disco tunes that suck, but like many of my peers would agree, we understand the value of the song for what it is, a dope track. The percussions are always on point and that bass solo is one of the bests of all time...Not to mention the piano which predates House music but somehow always feels like it could fit in any Bob Sinclair set. Although this track is quite Latin in vibe, it was created by Italian producer Celso Valli, also responsible for Macho as well as some other memorable and forgettable Disco groups. San Salvador however is a landmark in Disco and if you don't agree, then you should probably stick to the mickey mouse club.