Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music/Video: Bottin likes Lazy Sundays...but it's Valentine's day today.

Bottin's Single "No static" is out now and here's the video to go along with it...I'm not sure what's up with the Futuristic Bikers riding through Piazza Navona, and call me crazy but last time I was in Rome those flashing high-rise building were not exactly there. I guess anything is possible if you sprinkle some Cinecitta magic!!! Here's also another mix he nicely entitled: Space Lovers Come on Sunday (Lazy Sunday Mix)...Seriously, with a tittle like that, you'd think he'd read this blog. "No Static" out on vinyl now on "italians do it better". Buy Here!

Download: Space Lovers Come on Sunday (Lazy Sunday Mix)

01 Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
02 Mirage - Woman
03 Df & Pam - On The Beat
04 Claudio Mingardi - Starman
05 Charlie - Spacer Woman
06 Louella - Rapt
07 Gonzo - I Need And I Love
08 Cless - Extraterrestreally
09 Electra - Are You Automatic?
10 Berlin - Sex

All tracks are from 1983

ps: If I don't get lazy..tomorrow there will be a Lazy Sunday of our own!
ps#2: HAPPY VALENTINO's DAY!!! Go make Out and eat tons of Chocolate...