Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Events: Shepard Fairey is all over the news and that's ok with us...

Well...I can't/don't want to get into the details on why Shepard Fairey is good/is bad/is a sell -out/is a hero/is a genius/is a copy cat/GOT Arrested. Bottom line, if you haven't noticed yet, Boston kinda likes him. So much so people were willing to pay up $500 for tickets to that ICA party... Anyway lucky for us, we got to got a chance to hear him Spin (Diabetically) at one of his parties at Goodlife ealier last week. More than anything, it was nice to see all the folks that make us almost wanna stay in this town a little longer. Check out Proletariat's video and see if you can spot all your favorite Shop owners/bloggers/DJs/artists/graphic designers/socialites/local celebrities/that Andre the Giant guy.

video via Always on the Grind! via Proletariat's $1K camera! & Thanks to Peter and Brenden Wesley for the Invite. We had a great night!