Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music: Lichiban likes Woolfy and so do we!!!

Our friend Lichiban knows a thing or two about Art & Design and like most artists, Music is a big component of the process it takes into making shit happen. I was really happy to read her blog the other day and find out that we have a lot more in common than just our passion for Art. Not too long ago she blogged about Woolfy and how the music takes her to an astral adventure. Well...we've been into the Cosmic/Balearic disco scene for a bit, and we can't but agree with her.

The London Born-Californian, has recently hit the shelves with some dope tracks on both Rong/DFA and on the Permanent Vacation Label. The 12" released on the split Rong/DFA release features "Oh Missy", the first single off his forthcoming album. Although the track has some nice rock feel to it, the real treat in this one are the In Flagranti Remixes which add much more naughtiness and Glam than the original. Our favorite is the "Xexon Mix" however we recommend you get the single for the "meat-packing mix", if you are into that borderline Electro-tech feel....

...And if "Italians do it Better" is what you've been up to recently, then the Woolfy vs. Projections "Absynth" is gonna hit the spot. More Cosmic than Disco, the killer track on this 12" is the Marcus Worgull remix. The Flipside is just as good with the Invisible Conga Band's rework of "The Return of Starlight." Who said great minds didn't think alike?!!!