Friday, February 27, 2009

Music: Friendly Fires can Happen to your Love!!!

Ok, It's not lazy Sunday and in fact there was no real reason for this post but I felt compelled to write something while I'm in the process of cleaning my mac from accumulated mp3 garbage. Going through 1000's of unsorted music files is a bitch and even more so is the actual cataloging of such files. And while I'm not gonna bore you with the details or reasons for this Epiphany, I came across this indie band from the UK by the name of Friendly Fires. bla bla bla, they are nowhere close to reaching the success of the Klaxons or Bloc Party but it's nice to dream right? Actually, truth is they are probably doing pretty good for themselves. In fact they remind me a bit of Zoot Woman (sans Stuart Price). In any case the reason why I got so inspired to write this silly post was because of their one song I found in my hard drive.

For all those who are not familiar with Mr. Jamie Principle, he was one of the first recording artists in House Music. Far from being a DJ, principle was an artist, and at that time some of his early tracks didn't even get credited as his, while Frankie Knuckles took the praise (or so the story goes). Principle went on to have a successful career, so no worries there. Anyways, The Particular track I wanted to bring attention to is "Your Love" which is the closest thing to a "House Ballad" if there could be such a thing. The track has such an Aura and although it borderlines New Wave, there is something even more poetic and sexual than any love song New Order ever did (and trust me, I love those Mancunians). Well, long story short...The Friendly fires covered the song a couple years ago and with a decent result may I add. First of all the song is kind of obscure if you're not a House Head and Secondly for an Indie band to cover such gem is a gem in itself. I'm not particularly familiar with their repertoire, but i saw they have a single remixed by Aeroplane and that speaks volumes as well. If you are in Boston, you can get a chance to catch their gig at the Paradise Rock Club on March 28, so of you are curious like i am, chances are you'll be there too.

Friendly Fires - Your Love
Jamie Principle - Your Love