Thursday, May 22, 2008

Music/Video: Flairs is better than Prince (and Kanye is better than MJ)


Well...not really but give Flairs some credit for making this awesome track. If you haven't seen the Dave Chapelle skit about Prince, you should because no matter what Flairs says about prince, that sexy muthafucka can play ball. Ok, I'm not gonna say much more about Prince because we all know him and his purple ass-less chaps. I am gonna talk about Flairs though, because for a delusional frenchie, he does make some great music. I wish it was 2004 right now because I would have really been into this right now. Making that kinda Dancey music with guitars really ticked my fancy then...and if Output hadn't gone down the tube, Trevor Jackson would have made of Flairs the only band that mattered. Kind of shame really...imagine what it could have been. But who wants to keep living in the past. Flairs is on right now showing the world that if you put a bass on the hands of a French man, what you're gonna get is some Sweet Disco Music. The self-proclaimed "French Cowboy" is apparently in love with L'Amerique, and we wish he would tour here. We'd dress like Prince just to fuck wit him. Although I'm surprised he's not signed to Gomma or Relish (because it's sounds like he could), His label is the up and coming German label Roxour.

If you haven't heard of Roxour Before, it was about time you did. With a roster that includes Benjamin Theves (who is lisenced to Kitsune), TEPR (who remixes Yelle and Santogold), Alavi (who is obviously anti-Justice!) and Modernaire (who are just plain awesome Y'all), you know they are gonna be the label all hipsters will be talking about next year! You know it's gonna happen, cause we called it here first! Check out Alavi's remix of "Smell like teen spirit"'s hipster crack (literally). If you're tired of the Ed Banger Shenanigans, this might be what you were waiting for.

Flairs - Better than Prince
Alavi - Smells like Rerox
Tepr - Deutschland To Italia (1987)
Modernaire - Science