Saturday, May 24, 2008

Event: Drop The Lime ( my Corona!)

Basstown's night at Great Scott's is back again with residents DJ Die Young and Volvox. This time joining them in the mix is Brooklyn's prodigal son Luca Venezia (AKA Drop the Lime, AKA Curses!!!). Gaining notoriety over the years with his Trouble & Bass label, Drop the Lime has been producing some of the best "bass heavy" tracks this side of the Atlantic. It's no wonder he's also involved with French Label institubes under his Curses moniker. I can almost guarantee people are going to go apeshit tonight when they hear his If you wanna prep up for what's going on tonight, listen to his “Bass For Golden Pudels” mix. It might Destroy your speakers but that's just the risk you have to take!

Drop the Lime - “Bass For Golden Pudels” Mix

Catch him and the Institubes Hooligan Disco crew on tour...acting like clowns.