Saturday, May 3, 2008

Music: Part of the Weekend Never Dies

photo by Mimi P.

here's bands that are good, there's bands that are awesome, there's bands that get press, and then there is Soulwax. In my mind they must be like the most underrated band/act that actually matters. I can guarantee you that they've been an influence to all the wanna be DJ's (like me) who've ever done a mashup in their bedroom. Also... Yeah I know it's kind of en vogue (or at least it was a couple years back) for rock bands to have keyboards, but how often do you see a dance act actually just play instruments and do it so effortlessly. Not to even mention the fact they DJ with a live band (who does that?). Yeah, this is where James Murphy bitches and says he does it too or even better, but truth be told Mr. Murphy, You are from North America (and LCD Soundsystem is just a rock band playing electronic music). People from Europe grow on French bread, Nutella and cheesy house music. Soulwax tried to be a rock band and they failed...But that's ok because the grass is just so much greener on the Disco side. Needless to say, I love Soulwax! I'm like the Japanese chick at the end of the trailer. I drank the Kool-Aid back in the days of Too Many DJ's volume 2 and i haven't looked back. If we ever wanted to live in music Harmony, they would be the Embassadors of all things Dance-Rock. I wish they would make something mediocre for a know, just to even up the field. I still hope one day they'll come to Boston because going to NYC and Philly just doesn't go well with my lazy ass. So this is my message to all Boston promoters: Poppa needs his Soulwax and he needs is BAD!!! Oh... did i forget to mention this post was supposed to be about the DVD that's coming out? No wonder i don't get paid to do this...

Rolling Stones - You Never Get What you Want (Soulwax Remix)