Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music: Nuevos Ricos Mariachi Sleaze!!!

Extra! Extra!
For some years now Mexican Label Nuevos Ricos (New Rich) has been providing the Barrio and Los hipsters with some sick electro grooves. Notorious for their over the top shows and spastic antics, Nuevos Ricos are the Zeitgeist of the Mexican-Electro/Punk-Garage Movement. The Label is signed to EMI, and yet on their website they promote pirate copies and even provide the Cover Art for it... if that's not punk rock then I don't know what is. With some 13 unfortunate acts on their roster, Nuevos Ricos not only promote Musical Anarchy, but also a new economic policy of misbehavior. If Ed Banger is considered a crazy artsy Party Label, then Nuevos Ricos is like Factory on Crack with Tequila as a chaser!!! No word yet on the availability of these records in the Land of the Free... so for now let's just have them cross the boarder through the interwebs. If you can't wait till John McCain passes immigration reforms, you can buy or listen to them Legally HERE.

Oh wait, This is what they have to say for themselves!!! LOL!!! Enjoy...

Silverio is A drunk, an elegant dandy, a womanizer and an icon at any club, he is a phenomenon in the Entertainment industry unseen since the Elephant Man.

Silverio - El Dedo Suizo

María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser like to define their music as Electro Pop for the Dancing Halls and want their sound to invigorate the current Mexican High Energy scene (whatever that means).

María Daniela - Miedo

Faca will delight you with their vocoders and samples are designed to make you shake your booty until the wretched sun comes up. Their music is hypnotic and representative of the Pop Music in Spanish: copy paste copy paste… Who said you must know about music to be a musician?

Faca - Testosterona

Aux Raus are the dutch emperors of gabberpunk. Based in Amsterdam it features jazz legend Luuk van den Hurk and speed addict Bastiaan Mineur as the super explosive Human Reverse Magnets. 2 best friends, 200 bpm, 2 minute songs, 2 cheap drum machines and sweating bodies. Their album was recorded and produced in Mexico City by Nuevos Ricos, creating an irrepressible mix between peanut butter and Jalapeño peppers.

Aux Raus - Wire

Jessy Bulbo: Garage Rock is no longer just Nostalgia. If you haven't clipped your toe nails since the 70's, well Jessy Bulbo is here with her debut album SAGA MAMA. The First Single "MALDITO" will settle itself in the throat of all disenfranchised teenagers across the Aztec plains. Psycodelic Garage and Lyrics of cosmic black humor...OUCH!!! If you like loveless Sex, then this will be your nightstand CD.

Jessy Bulbo - Maldito

TITAN! A mix between rock from the stone ages, white trash blues and the latest progressive Hi-NRG rock influences – a delicious cocktail that blends both the past and the future of rock into a poisonous mixture.

Titan - Amor y Pasion

Humble, but at an exagerated level, Dick El Demasiado has been declared Cultural Patrimony and knighted Great Rooster Awakener of the Experimental and Lunatic Cumbias. His fifty songs are danceable, acidic and culturally laxative. The phenomenon rose in Argentina, where he is perceived between football matches, troskist-congresses and children’s merry-go-rounds. The life that Dick El Demasiado’s music transmits shakes all girls’ and boys’ bones mexicanically, leaving the dogs foaming at the edge of the lit dancefloor.

Dick El Demasiado - Bam Bam!

So here you have it Folks... this is NUEVOS RICOS!!!
p.s: Andres, I want my CD's Back Dude!!!

Nuevos Ricos is gonna take America one gladiator at a time!!!