Monday, February 11, 2008

Film: Holy Crap...Mel Gibson is either the best actor or this was just an accident waiting to happen...

Wow....Have you guys seen the lovely "Conspiracy Theory" flick from like about 11 years ago? It featured a "red-headed" Julia Roberts and a "pre-rehab but possibly already anti semite" Mel Gibson. In a nut shell, the movie has Mel Gibson as a paranoid writer of a "conspiracy theory fanzine" who acts like he's either kinda retarded or just flat out forgot to take his Ritalin. It's like Nick Cage but better!!! Julia on the other hand plays the sexy lawyer working for the Justice department and Mel Gibson just happens to be her stalker!!! Honestly this movie had so many twists it was like watching the democratic primaries....oh snap! Well people...if you own a subscription to netflix or happen to find it at Walmart for $0.99, I recommend you watch it.... you won't regret it for like 1 minute. (ps: read this review in case I couldn't convince you...Jack gave this film a rating of 8 out of 10!!! 1997)And here Suckas is da trailah!!

And...this is the one for those with ADHD.