Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sports: The Perfect over.

...And the winners of the XLII Super Bowl are...the New England....wait, did the Giants just win? oooohhh SNAP!!! So much for an undefeated season. Brady, what the hell is wrong with you? You just pulled a Tony Romo on us. Bringing the girl you're banging to the game is a party foul. But besides that...You guys just dumped the whole season away. Congratulations to the Giants today... at least they lived up to their name. What did you guys do for America?...exactly. I'd also like to congratulate our Mayor Tom Menino for being the biggest Douche in the greater Boston Area. Next time I need to organize a parade I'll know who to call. Let's hope next year you guys can get your head out of your ass and play some football.

Eli longer Peyton Manning' s retarded brother.