Friday, March 21, 2008

Event: Let's go to AKULT this Saturday!!!

It's Saturday tomorrow and you are wondering where to go? Do you have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell? if so, then head over to Goodlife where our friends Scott Bliss and Brenden Wesley will be spinning some of the most exciting music you've never heard before. The boys at Akult have been busy this year bringing some of the best DJ's to Boston, and while this is great, it was about time they got to play their own night. You gotta give them some credit, they've been saving up a lot of sonic ammunition and tomorrow night, It'll be a great chance for them to Blow/Soothe your ears. So now you know it. Dress Hot, Bring Friends, and Get Ready To Get Down!

PS: Expect to hear more about
Akult and other cool events soon. Rumor has it, this summer might be Boston's "Second Summer of Love". (you heard it here first)