Sunday, March 23, 2008

Music: New Presets Single.

Years ago Australian label Modular made a name for itself when The Avalanches took the world by storm and everyone knew "Frontier Psychiatrist" as that track with like a trillion samples. Well, that was then and now it's now. After having released some of the most commercially successful indie-dance acts (Cut Copy, Wolfmother, Klaxons...etc), Their token Band "The Presets" is about to release their second album "Apocalypso". The first single "This Boy’s In Love” sounds practically like an old school Seal track when he was kickin' it with Adamsky. Pretty Vocals, Pretty Melody, and more accessible than their previous singles....this will probably make it to a bunch of Ibiza compilations by the summer. I could bet my non-existent fortune on it. In any case, expect a trillion remixes of this one too. Enjoy it. We are.

The Presets - This Boys's in Love (Modular)

ps: get their debut album or pre-order "apocalyso" now HERE!
See them Live 06-02@ The Paradise