Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Black Box - Ride on Time (to beat LA!)

It's Sunday and this time it's yet another classic. Although Italy is famous for bringing us Italo Disco in the late 70's and early 80's, it really was the 90's that propelled Italian Dance music to the mainstream. "Spaghetti House" was actually my introduction to house music as a whole and BlackBox's "Ride on Time" was always "the track" at my school parties. Yup...that and Culture Beat's "Mr. Vain".

"Ride On Time" however was a hell of a track and part of it was because it sampled Loleatta Hollaway's "Love Sensation". Although the Italians cleared the sample with Salsoul Records, Girlfriend didn't get a dime so she took the matter to her own hands and won a pretty sweet settlement. The track went on to spend 6 weeks at number one in the UK Dance charts and became Blackbox's most successful single....probably because they couldn't pronounce their T's!!! LOL.

Ah....these past couple days I've been reminiscing a lot of my childhood in Italy in part because my friend Vale was visiting Boston, but also because the best Dance radio show in Italy is back in the air after some years of hiatus. Go check the "Deejay Time" show here to see what I mean! (it's quite cheesy but then again it is Italy...)

Ps: Vale....if you're reading this, grazie per il vino che ti sei dimenticata sul frigo! Domani me lo bevo a cena... o_O"

Ps#2: And tonight... BEAT LA!!! BEAT LA!!! BEAT LA!!!

"Ride on Time" is "Right on Time"!!!