Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Sunday: Boom Boom Boom it's The Outhere Brothers!

Yes, It's Sunday and time to decompress from a weekend of Partying., I say get back on the horse and boom boom boom like the Outhere Brothers did back in '94! For those who don't remember this duo from Chicago, well they pretty much walked a fine line between dirty and raunchy. Say what you want about them, but these two somehow managed to become the third act in U.K. history to score back-to-back chart-toppers. I sounds like the plot of a good Will Ferrel movie (but maybe not). Now that all the hipsters are into B-more, Miami Bass, and ghetto tech, it was time someone would recognize the contributions of The Outhere Brothers. I know they are probably not as prolific as DJ Assault and DJ Funk...but then again no one is. In any case, Let's welcome the Brothers to the Manifest Destitute Hall of Shame! (and trust me...this is a pretty good award.) For y'all who are rolling your eyes right now...stop taking yourselves so seriously, this is not pitchfork! o_O

Boom Boom Boom, now let me hear you say wayoh! (wayoh)

This video is like a cross between Rick James, Duran Duran's Girls on Film and Stripes with Bill Murray...huh?!

Yet another hit about having fun!

Anthem of Euro'96...yes Only Brits can relate to this.

Blame Italy for this one! that's the last time I'm having a party in my refrigerator...