Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Music: Feeling Electricity!

So after all the hype that's been going on for months, I finally sat down an listened to the whole MGMT album. A mixture of Psychedelic riffs and borderline folk tracks, the only tracks that stood out for us were "electric feel" and "time to pretend". Not surprisingly, these tracks were chosen as singles, but I kinda wish their album was more oriented towards the sound of these two. Then again I'm sure the other songs appeal more to an Indie rock crowd. I've been playing "electric feel" pretty much non-stop for the past month and now that Justice did a remix for it, it kinda made sense to post about it. Thanks to Asian "The Man" Dan, we got our hands on the remix, which by the way sounds not to much different, except for the tweaked out vocals and the re-instrumentation. Ironically the first time I heard "Electric feel" it kinda reminded of recent production by Cassius. Now it's the nouveau French Duo par excellence to provide remix duties. Match made in heaven?....possibly.