Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics: “This is real and not for play”!!!

Today is the Big Day at the Democratic Convention in Denver and I'm pretty sure Barack is gonna give yet another Inspirational Speech. Here at Manifest Destitute we have been endorsing the Illinois Senator for quite a while and while we are quite serious about the future of our country this blog is solely for your entertainment. So without wasting anymore time let's go on and turn the party on while supporting our presidential candidate!!! Oh come the balloons and the confetti. Anyways, Kudos to producer and fashion icon TI$A for creating the most serious electorate anthem of well....the history of this country!!! With Cameos from Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Fab 5 Freddy, and Shepard Fairey, who really needs the Hollywood Liberals anymore. Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn please step aside, there's a new Sheriff in the Hills. So, If you are at home in front of the TV tonight please stop watching Reality TV, and tune in for what's Real....this is history in the making people. No Joke.

TI$A - Vote Obama