Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sneakers: Nike reads my blog....

Or at least that's what we wished they did. Remember months ago when we posted some videos about Obama's glory days as a Baller? Well Nike (not really...) surprisingly came up with these:
Info and Picture via Highsnobiety: "Artist Virtual Mo created two pairs of the Mobama Dunk Low 2008 in the Nike Innovation Kitchen. The shoe features many laser details, hinting at senator Obama and the elections. It is a custom shoe, in the sense that Virtual Mo designed it, but they have been entirely manufactured in the Nike Innovation Kitchen. For now there are onlz two pairs, but as the elections heat up, there is a good chance that the shoe will release in a very limited edition. "

Manifest Destitute on these Dunks: For a Candidate that's about to make history, these pair of Dunks are quite mediocre. No offense to Mr. Mo because we love his work but these pair are nothing a little Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop couldn't handle to design them. As for innovation, Lasering is not really ground breaking anymore. How about making a shoe...that's Eco-friendly and concentrates on Obama's campaign promises? Innovation Kitchen my ass. You know what?...I'm gonna go to Reebok and pitch my idea for the McPump. That's right! I'm gonna go to MIT and design it using military textiles and high tech materials. When you pump the tongue, oil will flow down to the sole. This shoe is gonna be so energy inneficient, they are gonna be made in North Korea and sold only in Iran...that's how limited they'll be. Why the Reebok pump? Simple...it's Vintage just like John McCain.

ps: Nike...we kid we kid (but how about a job though?)