Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lazy Sunday: A first Choice is always the best!

Well, it's no surprise that here at Manifest Destitute a Lazy Sunday is always regarded with ease. As of tradition, we are here to spank you with yet another classic to get your Sunday going or just complement your lovely day and that's really what's important. First Choice's classic "Let No Man Put Asunder" has been a staple in every "House"hold for as long as i can remember. Whether it was the Shep Pettibone or the Frankie Knuckles Remix, this tracks seems to have more lives than a Kitty Cat. But how can one deny it's importance as it single handedly became the source to so many early Chicago house tracks. How can one forget when Steve "Silk" Hurley used that bass line in his 1987 song "Jack Your Body" - and then went on to become the first house record to top the UK charts. Magic of Music?....most certainly.

And here we are 30 years later with yet another edit. This time thanks to our Pal and Disco Boss Mr. Brenden Wesley. The track came with a warning about the edit not being finished and blah blah blah...But seriously, sometimes a perfectionist needs to take a break...and just enjoy a Lazy Sunday. Can you do that Brenden?

Listen: First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Creatures of Habit Edit)