Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music: Kids (like belgian waffles...I like women)

Ok...Let me be completely honest with all of you. My ears are sore from listening to the new MGMT remix of "Kids". God knows I love Soulwax, but this time I was shocked in disappointment and to call the remix a "nite version" is just utterly ridiculous. I hope this never makes it as an official release because I know I'll probably buy it anyways, even if it is this awful. I mean, this is like a stab in the back. I just watched "part of the weekend never dies" and it made me love those two Belgian Brothers even more, but this, this just breaks my heart. On paper one could say this is probably the remix of the year, but when the sound of it is so clique' one would hope it never happened. I guess I'm just becoming bitter, but everyday that passes, that sweet electro sound no longer does it for me. this the end? Are we not lovers anymore? Have you ran out of ideas and beats? Were you just a fling like Electroclash was? Where did we go wrong? I know... It was all those American Apparel Hipsters. Maybe it's no one's fault...maybe it's just time to move on. I just hope this is not our last kiss.

Listen: MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)