Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Event/Lazy Sunday: Open Cycle rules!!!

Yo...What a great night we had at Middlesex with Boston's Cycling community. The Event turned out to be a massive party and a celebration to what's coming out next from the "open crew". DJ's Frank White & our Friend Brek.One brought the jams while Zack and the Crew brought the free Hats and Bags. Creep Street was in the House and some of the Tannery Fam also came by. Familiar Faces and many new ones...but I'm pretty sure we can handle that- as long as i got a 24oz. Red Stripe on my right hand (and if you didn't notice i tried to make this rhyme but i can suck at it and now i must part.) Anyways, If you are curious about how it all went down, go their website and check out the Mayhem! (and no, we are not talking about that DJ, or that Other DJ from back in the day). Yo guys...can we get a T-shirt too!!! (XL Black aight!!!)

ps: Where do DJ's come out with their names? They should always check out first (Jesus!!!)