Saturday, January 3, 2009

Music: Franz Ferdinand is Ulysses?

Sometimes we like to talk about literature sitting in the living room drinking Bordeaux but this isn't one of those times...and while we could elaborate on Joyce's and Virgil's Ulysses, we rather share with you Franz Ferdinand's. And please don't get us started about WWI and the Hapsburg family because we rather talk about Erol Alkan and the spectacular remix for the Scottish Band's new single. So let's put it this way...If James Joyce was Inspired by Virgil and Virgil talks about the Greeks...then this remix is a representation of what exactly? I know... it's that Cosmic Disco Sound we've been listening to here at Manifest Destititute and Dancing at Akult for a hot minute. So if you haven't yet, come on up and jump on the funk train people...Franz Ferdinand just officially invited you. (and believe me, they've been trying for years!!!)