Friday, April 17, 2009

Music: Lindstrom hearts Prins Thomas!

These two need no introduction. Their work over the years speaks for itself and if you ever heard the word Cosmic Disco, then you've hear of them. "Some three years ago the label Eskimo Recordings/N.E.W.S unveiled their debut album capturing the hearts and minds of the global music community, received superlative reviews across the world and catapulted the pair into the limelight". Now on their second album, Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas "join forces for yet another venture into italo, krautrock and disco-influenced productions alongside the production spark genius that defined those halcyon releases of the post disco/punk era". Seriously, the press release sounded amazing...and from listening to the preview, the album is sick. It might not be club friendly and it might not call for ass bumping, but if you are into psychedelic experiences, then Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas will personally hold your hand and take you into that journey. (Seriously...I've seen them, they are Scandinavian-it's cool there.) Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas' "II" out May 18 on Eskimo.

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas - Rothaus (eskimo)